Obamavilles. That’s what people are calling them.

As the “Occupy” movement has spread like a plague across the United States – accompanied, appropriately enough, by a panoply of diseases – so too have the tent cities of lice-infested, shiftless human filth. Populated by “protesters” whose sense of entitlement is matched only by their volume, these sprawling, illegal refugee camps comprise countless lesser terrorist campaigns whose goal is to intimidate and punish the public.

Many “occupiers” have said as much; their presence is intended to hurt. Their targets range from shadowy corporate interests to equally ill-defined powers-that-are … but distill simply to any who oppose them. Aided from the very beginning by technology and social media, which enabled the “occupiers” to spread their message while manipulating its content through a compliant media, these hippie retreads seem desperate to recapture the spirit of the 1960s. The problem is that they are threatening, injuring and killing everyone from the human beings to the commercial interests to even the animals in their orbit. Everywhere the tents of an Obamaville are erected, misery, grief, and victimization follow.

Occupy Wall Street, the first of the cancerous Obamavilles, brought us “Zuccotti lung,” a respiratory infection that before long may find itself competing with winter vomiting virus and tuberculosis. Occupy Atlanta is already contending with a drug-resistant strain of TB – and in a particularly perverted twist, it is residents of a homeless shelter who have been endangered, because the “occupiers” have taken up residence there. Similar outbreaks trouble almost every “Occupy” mob. They are spawned for two reasons. One is the obvious; there are specific problems endemic to masses of squatters living in cramped quarters without proper sanitation. The other is equally obvious, but less politically correct: Hippies smell.


“Occupy” protesters smell bad because they don’t bathe. They smell because they are shiftless losers who don’t care about anything, much less basic hygiene. They smell because they’re the kind of hopelessly vile animals who’ll have public sex under tarps in the midst of their creeping, crawling Obamavilles, with or without partners, with or without consent. This is why they are covered in lice. This is why the “occupiers” have been synonymous with “dirty” from the first tent unzipped: They are lib hippie left-wing protesters, and lib hippie left-wing protestors are notorious for flouting basic standards of human decency. Never has this been better illustrated than by the “Occupy” movement’s intimate relationship with human waste.

The health and sanitation risks presented by wallowing in urine-soaked, feces-strewn tent-and-shanty Obamavilles are obvious to everyone but the “occupiers” themselves. Reports of these lib zombies standing in the midst of crowds and defecating are typical. But the evils of the Obamavilles don’t stop there. Even the pets brought to these tent cities by their hippie inmates are suffering. An outbreak of parvovirus – a highly contagious disease that affects dogs – at Occupy San Francisco has the San Francisco SPCA concerned. Are any among us foolish enough to believe the diseases will stop there?

Then there are the crimes. Criminal activity has soared around the “Occupy” movement’s Obamavilles. Rapes have become so commonplace that they are now a running joke amidst commentary on the protests. Theft, violence (including murder) and other horrors are widespread. Local businesses, whose livelihoods have suffered profoundly, are now crying for relief. Every quarter of society, every citizen with a job or who simply has something to lose, is hurt by the blight that is the “Occupy” movement and its illegally constructed camps of enemy squatters. When will it end?

The “occupiers” and their sympathetic ears in the media have been quick to blame anyone and everyone but themselves for the movement’s many problems. The crimes are committed by other people, never the “occupiers” (despite the facts). The rapes are the doing of those not “directly connected” to the movement (despite the truth). The diseases are somebody else’s fault, a byproduct of this noble and noteworthy protest (despite the realities). As the Obamavilles fester, their residents lie, dissemble and deny.


A man’s right to protest, a people’s right to assemble, stops where widespread threat to public health and the citizenry’s peaceful enjoyment of its own property becomes imminent and credible. The “occupiers” have said, directly and indirectly, that their Obamavilles are meant to exert pressure on those around them. By making productive citizens suffer, these unemployed, unapplied, unproductive degenerates hope to extort from their betters some sort of tribute.

Various businesses, such as Men’s Wearhouse, have tried to appease the movement by tossing alms to these execrable beggars. They’ve learned the hard way that residents of Obamavilles know neither reason nor mercy, neither gratitude nor civility. The “occupiers” know only violence and want only intimidation and entitlement. They demand, and you, society, will obey … or else.

This is no longer a question of freedom of speech. This has long ago ceased to be an issue of the right to assemble. No American citizen has the right to terrorize and threaten his fellow Americans in this way. No mob of Americans should be permitted to endanger and to harass the public the way these hateful “Occupy” hippies have done for months.

Call out the National Guard. Turn on the fire hoses. Send bulldozers. Bring flame-throwers, for pity’s sake. Men and women who give a damn about their country, wearing Hazmat suits and respiratory gear, empowered by the lawful government of this nation, should be marching in ranks on every Obamaville this very moment, prepared to beat with truncheons and shoot with rubber bullets every last filthy hippie. Put a stop to this miserable army of miscreants before they are permitted to rape, infect, or ruin one more person.

The “Occupy” movement is a cancer. The “occupiers” are criminals and terrorists. The Obamaville is a creeping death made of Nylon, placards and human waste. This movement is a third-world rot that will infect us all if we do not sterilize it now.

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