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News flash! We can't 'manage' evil

Perhaps some of you who are old enough to remember Vietnam will remember the words from the old “MASH” television theme song, popular at that time:

‘Cause suicide is painless

it brings on many changes

and I can take or leave it if I please.

… and you can do the same thing if you please.

Many conservatives today would argue that America has been led astray by the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, public-sector unions … I’m sure you can complete the list to your own satisfaction.

I’m not so sure. Perhaps America has not been led astray, but rather gone astray of its own free will.

It is often said that America is a nation of immigrants. When our European homelands are disintegrating before our eyes, and yet millions of Americans push to emulate their failed system of benevolent, big-state socialism here at home, well – one wonders. How is that being led astray? Is it not rather national suicide? We can see plainly before us just where that path leads. Yet we persist.

If two people are lost in the woods at night, making their way home along an old logging road, and one suddenly hears a scream, a thud and then nothing – would you simply keep going down the same path?

What is at the heart of evil in our world, and how do we lessen its power in our own lives? Check out David Kupelian’s book “How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America”

Socialized medicine. Government as the biggest employer. Ever-increasing taxes. More and more government regulation of private persons and businesses. Class warfare advocated by the ruling political party. Massive corruption of the public monies by those in power, for personal gain. Laws the lawmakers are not subject to, but that everyone else must bow down and worship. We see the destruction and riots in the streets in Greece and Italy – yet we continue on down the path that led them to where they are. How is that being led astray? It seems more like an urge to national suicide to me.

The other major clue to national suicide is toleration – no, the embrace – of evil. I doubt that anyone at Penn State started out with the idea of basing their football program on pedophilia and child rape. But that’s where it ended up, isn’t it? Evil triumphed, because good men did nothing. And in the process, the good men became soiled as well. Perhaps they thought that the evil among them could be managed?

As a nation, we’ve lost our respect for evil. Witness the Penn State students’ mob attacks when they lost their coach. Beyond winning, nothing else mattered to them. How are such students “educated”? How are they not bigger fools, and bigger threats to their nation’s future, than the day they entered the university?

As a nation, we’ve overseen the murder of 50-plus million children in their mothers’ wombs, simply because that child came along at an inconvenient time for the parents. As a nation, we didn’t “tolerate” it. We encouraged it. We publicly funded it. Our government demanded it!

Many people think that evil, like anything else, can be “managed.” That might be true, if evil did not live with each one of us. An educated people would know this, because both history and the Bible are replete with examples of what happens when nations embrace evil. God never told us that evil could be managed. He told us quite the opposite. Ask the priests in the Catholic Church how their experiment with managing evil in the seminary worked out for them.

Flawed humanity is now working overtime to develop the tools to “perfect” man through genetic manipulation of the generations forward, and man-machine hybrid consciousness known as the singularity. Penn State, writ large across all of eternity. “Look out, God! Here we come!”

God has already told us that he intends for humanity to have an evil-free eternity. The bulk of humanity, however, has other plans. The elites’ intense dislike of God has led them to embrace evil, under the arrogant guise of “managing” it. That puts humanity on a collision course with God, where we will finally learn what real power looks like.