WASHINGTON – “There are times that I have looked at Barack Obama and said I don’t believe in the birth certificate conspiracy, but there are times … he wasn’t groomed to be the president, but is damn near the Manchurian President.”

That’s what Glenn Beck said recently on his radio show.

What was he talking about?

He was talking about the best-selling book by WND senior staff writer Aaron Klein – “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists.”

Maybe you think you know everything you need to know about Barack Obama and don’t need any other books on the subject. That’s where you are wrong. And that’s why the publishers of this 2009 classic are making the original hardcover edition available to the general public for just 99 cents a copy for a limited time.

“There are some books that are just too important not to read,” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND and WND Books, the publisher. “This is one of those. It’s as timely today as the day it was published. And as we head into the most important presidential election in America’s history, we need to be armed with the facts.”

Maybe you already have the book and devoured it. If so, why not pick up several copies at this price for Christmas gifts? How can you go wrong at 99 cents a copy?

The digital e-book version is also on sale for only 99 cents.

Prefer audio books? You can get “Manchurian President” for a limited time for just $21.95. That’s $11 off retail price.

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