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How to gobble without gaining weight, Part 2

Last week, I began to answer a reader’s question about increasing our self-control in an overindulging holiday season. I gave the first six points of my pre- to post-game meal strategy in overcoming the consumption wars, particularly as it relates to Thanksgiving feasts and leftovers.

I covered priming the holiday pump with daily positive mental input, hydration, nonalcoholic beverages, butter alternatives, healthy hors d’oeuvres, low-calorie side dishes, etc.

Here are my remaining nine points for gaining victory over holiday gorging:

Post-game meal strategies:

If you heed and utilize these pre- to post-game meal strategies, I guarantee you that you will not only gobble more than you gorge, but also cut calories and conquer the holiday consumption wars.

And remember this most of all: According to Harvard Health Publications, watching football on TV burns about 70 calories an hour (Did you read that, Gena?).

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