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The UNESCO follies

he Palestinian Authority (formerly the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO) has just been voted membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO.

Immediately after UNESCO awarded membership to the PA, the United States withdrew from UNESCO. This was in accordance with a federal law passed in 1990, and supplemented in 1994, as the commendable legislation introduced by Sen. Bob Kasten.

Not only did U.S. withdrawal remove us from an agency that awarded membership to the Palestinian Authority – which refuses to recognize the existence of our ally, Israel; there was the further benefit of our nation no longer having to pay the incredible UNESCO dues of $80 million a year.

Given the United States’ veto power, the PA will surely be unable to be recognized as a member government by the United Nations as a whole. That is fortunate, indeed, given the PA’s alliance with terrorist organizations, as well as its own record thereof.

The San Francisco organization Facts and Logic About the Middle East, or FLAME, in a column headlined, “Muslim-Arab Anti-Semitism,” recalls among many historical outrages the following: