You’ve heard of the dollar stores.

This one is a penny better.

The WND Superstore has added even more products to its first permanent 99 cent store.

“It’s the Christmas season and the WND Superstore is literally giving away lots of gifts for next to nothing in the 99 cent store,” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND.

“Nobody should be empty-handed this time of the year – and this incredible feature of the WND Superstore will allow you to stock up on great gifts for everyone on your shopping list for the equivalent of a fast-food meal.”

Check out the books – like New York Times bestseller “Manchurian President,” “The Flipside of Feminism” and “Burning Down ‘The Shack.'” There are T-shirts, special reports and books about just about everything, including Vox Day’s “The Return of the Great Depression.”

How much?

Don’t ask.

Everything’s 99 cents in the WND Superstore 99 cent store.

“Consider this WND’s ‘stimulus program’ for the holidays,” says Farah. “Only this one is strictly voluntary with no obligation to pay later for your children and grandchildren.”

So browse through the WND Superstore 99 cent sale now.

Even better, every purchase at this great price also entitles you to three free issues of WND’s monthly magazine Whistleblower. That’s an extra $22.50 value for even one purchase at 99 cents!

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