President Obama’s political liabilities (both passive and active) are legion, and it should be expected that the establishment press will continue to run interference for him – but why the deafening silence from Republican leaders? Increasingly, Independent and Republican voters are discussing the question of why prominent Republicans and the current presidential contenders aren’t chanting Obama’s aforementioned political liabilities from the rooftops. From the card-carrying communists in his employ, to his role in catalyzing the “Arab Spring,” to his vacationing while the world burns, there is just so much from which to choose. Yet the GOP has missed opening after opening politically.

Many have long considered the likelihood that our country could not have gravitated this far toward becoming a socialist megalith without complicity on both sides of the aisle. The political right’s attempts to throw Herman Cain under the bus in the face of a scandal that was clearly contrived did more to give teeth to this argument than anything I’ve seen in quite a while. Given the unprecedented enthusiasm Cain was building, one would think that the GOP would have thrown the full weight of its support behind him.

Instead, the GOP leadership bailed, and the so-called conservative pundits who limp-wristedly “concurred” that Cain was not “ready for prime time” – especially considering what we have in office now – made me want to vomit.

When I – or colleagues who’ve come to the same conclusions – postulate the notion that the GOP is planning to throw the fight in 2012 with regard to the presidency, rank-and-file Republicans look at us as though live lobsters were emerging from both ears. It’s as implausible to them as Barack Obama being a socialist was to most voters in 2008. Why, they ask, would leaders in the GOP play such a dangerous game with our economy in tatters, our national security on opiates and dedicated agitators fomenting a communist revolution?

Why? Because these faux conservatives fear real conservatives more than they fear communists. What galls is that some among them are prominent figures whom real conservatives have come to trust.

From the true conservative’s perspective, Mitt Romney, the GOP leadership’s pick, is a tragic comedy. If he is nominated, millions of principled conservatives will stay home on Election Day, and he will lose. This is discounting any vote tampering, cadaver voting, noncitizen voting, voter intimidation, or any of the other devices President Obama’s surrogates (such as the “defunct” ACORN) are likely to employ, as they did in 2008.

There’s an object lesson in how GOP leaders have dismissed the tea party “and everyone who looks like them,” so to speak. The objective of Republican elites in purposefully losing the presidency in 2012 would be to capitalize on the strife to which four more years of Barack Hussein Obama will most certainly give rise. They are counting on an electorate so miserable and terrified that they will vote for any – and I mean any – nominee the GOP offers in 2016. The broader agenda is to disenfranchise grass-roots conservatives (the tea party in particular) and genuine conservative lawmakers and candidates, thus affirming the power of the liberal Republican wing.

When Obama is victorious against their RINO candidate, their architects will make crestfallen media appearances claiming that they “miscalculated,” but it is not they who will suffer like no Americans have suffered before, should the counterfeit hustler win four more years in office.

I don’t believe that there is an historical precedent for the crime the beltway oligarchs have conspired to commit, save for history’s mass genocides. If they’re successful, it could be tantamount to their being an accomplice in America’s murder. With the stakes as high as they’ve become, four more years of Obama doesn’t equate to four more years of Bill Clinton; it is more analogous to four more years of Hugo Chavez.

If we would circumvent this cataclysm, it is going to take an engagement of patriotic Americans on a scale far beyond what we witnessed prior to the midterm election of 2010. No less will properly motivate the “good ol’ boy” GOP elites. They must be made to perceive the body of committed patriots as a danger to them, rather than a nuisance to be offhandedly dispatched.

This is what our nation’s founders would advise – after we convinced them that hanging wasn’t an option.

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