The Occupy movement, which Barack Obama has previously embraced, turned on him this week at a Manchester, N.H., rally meant to boost support for the president’s job bill.

“Mr. President,” a group of Occupy supporters shouted as Obama began to deliver his prepared remarks, “over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested …” Their message was loud and clear. They demanded an answer for why Obama was so concerned about his jobs bill while Americans were being brutalized by police in their own country.

Occupy movement supporter Timothy Willette told WND the president supported the protesters in Libya and Egypt, but doesn’t seem to care about the protest movements here at home.

“The Occupy protesters are being beaten and suppressed by the police and the president isn’t saying anything about it,” Willette said.

“They’re mostly peaceful protesters and they’re being brutalized – the president is pretending nothing is happening. He’s going on like nothing’s wrong!” Willette said, his voice rising to a shout.

“He supported the protests in Libya. He supported the protesters in Egypt and said the people in the United States should support them. Yet, he’s not willing to say anything about the protesters in his own country!” Willette said, again shouting.

“I mean, they’re peaceful protesters being brutalized by the police. There they were, driven forcefully from the park in the dead of night. And there’s nothing in the media about it at all,” Willette said.

Willette added that he and the rest of the Occupy movement in New Hampshire wanted to make it clear they’re not only mad at the Republicans.

“We have to stand up and say we’re not just against Republicans. The Republicans are as bad as anyone else, but we have to show that we’re not just against Republicans. Democrats are just as bad,” he said. Speaking of the president, “We need to point out that he’s just as bad as anyone else.”

“No matter what side you’re on, they’re going to sugarcoat everything. You have one side going on about the other side: ‘It’s the other side to blame’,” Willette said. “They have to keep slinging mud at each other constantly and they’re going to go around acting as if it’s all the other side.”

“It’s the Republicans that are preventing jobs … no, it’s the Democrats. You’re trying to get money out of the rich. Both sides need to be brought up and told ‘You’re not listening to the American people,” Willette said. “You’re listening to your backers and that’s wrong.”

Others at the Manchester rally were simply dissatisfied with the president, the Congress and what they say is “corruption in the system.”

Occupy New Hampshire organizer Ben Dizoglio said he believes the republic is being lost to the corporations, but isn’t ready to say how he will vote.

“I see myself making a stand to say that the system itself is broken and I will try to choose in my mind the lesser of two evils. But, I see both parties as being that, both parties are evil because they are equally corrupted,” Dizoglio told WND.

“It’s not necessarily because both parties are corrupt, but because you have to work within the system to get elected, they have to get money,” Dizoglio said.

“I think we need to reform the system and if we had some kind of reform party going, if a third party stood a chance and if Republicans and Democrats didn’t have a monopoly on our system, I would consider voting for another party,” Dizoglio said.

“It would be a party I believe would actually do something to change the country, but unfortunately too many people are benefitting from the way the country is now,” a frustrated Dizoglio said. “It’s mostly the people who are up top. The people who need to be reformed and need to be removed are the people who have the power to make those reforms, to make the changes,” Dizoglio said.

“If you look through history, people who have power, people who are getting benefits from the system are not going to give up that power willingly,” Dizoglio said.

When asked how he believes the system can be changed, Dizoglio was willing to suggest a method the Occupy Movement calls “direct action.”

“They are going to have to be forced to give it up. Because as long as they’re benefitting from it, they’re not going to give it up,” Dizoglio said.

Dizoglio didn’t say what he meant by “direct action,” however, the Occupy movement has a website that serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding the movement’s activities and is candid about the movement’s intentions.

A block on the right side of the asks site visitors to visit the website for information on the “global revolution.”

“The success of October 15th has triggered an unprecedented momentum for global action. Humanity has united across boundaries in a struggle for real democracy and individual rights. Essential to this struggle is the respect for human life and living conditions, including environments,” the site says. “Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values. Day after day it represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, manipulating and censoring information flow and transparency.”

Complaints about Obama weren’t limited to members of the Occupy movement.

Crowd members who weren’t part of protest voiced dissatisfaction with the president and Obama’s willingness to pass off responsibility for Washington’s inaction.

A Manchester resident who identified himself only as Daniel wasn’t buying the “blame the Republicans line.”

He said if the president wanted to point fingers, he missed a major opportunity.

“I’m surprised he wasn’t more responsive to the Super Committee not coming up with anything, you know,” Daniel said. “He wanted to talk about Congress stalling and dragging their feet, seemed like he didn’t take all the opportunities he had,” Daniel told WND.

Daniel said he didn’t believe Republicans were solely to blame for Washington’s ineffectiveness.

“We seem to have made being a politician a dirty word so we have to elect business leaders who have fiery rhetoric in their campaigns. And it’s not just empty promises, but people who aren’t willing to compromise,” Daniel said.

“People aren’t willing to see any middle ground. If you make a vow that we aren’t going to raise taxes, and you promise your constituents, and one of the main things you run on is that you’re not going to raise taxes, there’s no room for negotiation there,” Daniel said. “You backed yourself into a corner and you’re out of luck.”

And he’s not optimistic about the success of any jobs bill. “No the government is shut down until after the next election,” he said

As for President Obama’s jobs bill, the president said he plans to reintroduce it to Congress following the Thanksgiving recess.

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