Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

Prosecutors in a criminal case against Planned Parenthood of Kansas have learned that former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Steve Six allegedly destroyed not only the original evidence documents relating to case, but also the copies, effectively shielding the abortion provider from dozens of criminal charges.

This week’s news of the copies’ destruction comes two weeks after it was discovered that the original documents relating to the criminal charges filed against Planned Parenthood by former Attorney General Phill Kline had also been destroyed.

“The documents showed strong evidence of Planned Parenthood’s failure to comply with the mandatory reporting requirements of child sexual abuse,” Kline said.

“[The Sebelius Administration] knew that if convicted, Planned Parenthood would lose federal funding of $350 million a year,” Kline added. “They knew those documents were needed for a criminal investigation. In fact, they were ordered by a judge to produce those very documents. After numerous court battles, they started destroying documents, so they are directly implicated by their conduct.”

As a result of the document destruction, Kansas prosecutors have now asked Kansas judge Stephen Tatum to drop 23 felony charges and 26 misdemeanors, charges that include performing late-term abortions and failure to report rape of a child.

Kline had originally filed 107 criminal charges against Kansas Planned Parenthood. Fifty-eight of those will move forward.

Kline says that the magnitude of the document destruction is only beginning to surface and that former Gov. Sebelius – now the Obama-appointed federal secretary of Health and Human Services – is also involved in the document destruction.

“What has recently come out is that the Sebelius-appointed attorney general, after I left the office, destroyed evidence while the criminal case was pending,” Kline said. “There’s no justification for such conduct.”

Wichita, Kansas-based Operation Rescue has filed a series of open records requests with the Kansas governor’s office and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The Christian Post reports that Operation Rescue wants to know who was involved in the destruction of documents that relate to the criminal case.

Specifically, Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger wants to know “if there is a paper trail left from Sebelius’ Administration.”

Kline says that because of the close relationship between former Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Planned Parenthood, he’s not surprised that documents implicating Sebelius and Planned Parenthood would be destroyed: “I have to say I’m not surprised by it, because for 10 years I fought the vestiges of the Sebelius Administration, which did all they could to thwart a legitimate investigation and prosecution of Planned Parenthood.”

Kline alleges that Planned Parenthood of Kansas has a history of criminal activity.

“In 2010 and in October of 2007, I reviewed my evidence and found probable cause to believe that Planned Parenthood committed 107 criminal acts, including 23 felonies,” Kline said.

But now that the documents are gone, Kline said, the remaining charges are much weaker.

“Many of those charges have gone away because the Sebelius Administration and her appointed Attorney General destroyed evidence – wrongfully destroyed evidence,” Kline said. “The substance of the case went away a long time ago when they took action that prevented the failure to report child rape from being thoroughly investigated.”

He added, “They claim it was a routine document destruction, but you don’t routinely destroy documents that implicate a political ally unless you are routinely corrupt.”

Kline says that there are activist groups in Kansas, but none that have the legal authority to take any action. Kline also laments that the issue has yet to be addressed in the national media, because the Kansas media is a closed market and controlled by the left.

“For example, just within the last ten days it was revealed that the Sebelius-appointed Attorney General destroyed evidence during the criminal case and evidence they knew was crucial to the criminal case. They never informed the court. The destruction occurred after I had left office in April 2009,” Kline said. “Yet I got a call from the Kansas City Star, and they said, ‘Phill, how do you respond to criticism that you allowed this evidence to be destroyed?’ … I was teaching law at Liberty University Law School when the evidence was destroyed by a Sebelius appointee, but their angle on the story was that it was my fault.

“The story won’t have anything about how Planned Parenthood would lose $350 million, how important the investigation was, how Sebelius had ties to Planned Parenthood, none of that,” Kline alleged. “That’s not even in the story.”

“The Kansas City Star received the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in 2006 for how they covered my investigation,” Kline also said. “And they accepted it. That’s how bad the Kansas media is.”

No trial date for the remaining charges has been set.

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