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'Tea Party at Sea' cruise video now available

Whether you were a part of last August’s WND “Tea Party at Sea” cruise to Alaska, featuring Joseph Farah, Alan Keyes, Jerome Corsi, David Kupelian, Aaron Klein and others, or missed it because of other commitments, now you have a second chance to see and hear all the presentations from that historic voyage.

The “Tea Party at Sea” cruise video is now available as a five-DVD set, handsomely packaged, for just $34.99.

Find out what presenters had to say about the 2012 presidential election, about strategies for taking America back, about the greatest challenges America faces in the next 10 years, about why the media are denying you the truth about Barack Obama and more.

“This was an amazing and inspiring event,” said Farah, founder of WND. “For those who attended, it was a once-in-lifetime experience. What we saw and heard over the course of a week would boggle the minds of people who rely on the so-called ‘mainstream media’ for their news. This video production captures it all. It’s something you will watch over and over again – and want to share with your friends.”

Now you can share in the political strategy sessions, learn about the inside political intrigue so relevant to the 2012 election and view some of the most spiritually inspiring messages shared anywhere in 2011 – and there’s no danger of getting seasick or getting wet and cold in Alaska!

See some highlights:

You’ll also see a presentation by Joe Miller, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alaska, and hear about how his election was stolen – not by Democrats, but by the Republican Party of which he was the nominee.

You’ll see a presentation from Floyd Brown, author of “Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth.”

You’ll see a presentation by Lowell Ponte, co-author with Craig Smith of “The Inflation Deception.”

Gary Kreep, the key force behind the United States Justice Foundation’s advocacy for the truth and human rights, also was aboard.

You’ll also see a presentation from WND video satirists Molotov Mitchell and D.J. Dolce – and much more.

Inside passage


Want even more value?

The WND Superstore has specially packaged the new cruise video with a production of WND’s 2010 “Taking America Back” conference in Miami for even more value. For just $49.99, you get them both – that’s 19 DVDs of programming at one low price.

During this historic conference last fall – just before the November election – participants and speakers were calling it the best and most important they had ever attended. Now you can share in the excitement, the inspiration and the teaching that took place in Miami at the beautiful Doral Resort.

You’ll get more of Farah, Brown, Klein, Kupelian, Keyes, Corsi, Jackson plus Gary Cass, Michael Farris, William Federer, Rick Scarborough, Matt Barber, Shawn Akers, Robert Knight, William Murray, Rep. Devin Nunes, Chuck Missler, Joel Richardson, Michele Bachman, Gary Demar, Jerry Newcombe, Judith Reisman, RC Sproul Jr., Rusty Humphries, Timothy Daughtry and a great debate between Farah and Christopher Barron, the founder of GOProud, on whether his organization actually deserves the descriptive “conservative.”

You won’t want to miss any of it.

So, take your pick:

The “Tea Party at Sea” five-DVD package.

The “Taking America Back” conference, plus the cruise video – 19 DVDs in all.

Just the “Taking America Back” conference, which include the great debate between Farah and GOProud’s Christopher Barron.