There has been a great American awakening taking place over the past 20 years that is still in the process of unfolding. The American Christian, who constitutes somewhere around 85 percent of our national population, has been forced by the unceasing hostile acts of organized anti-Christian groups to realize that there are powerful people within our nation who apparently hate the very fabric of our Christian-based society and seem to be willing to stop at nothing to unravel it.

Concerted assaults upon the practice of Christian thought, lifestyle and rituals, particularly Christmas, have outraged Christians and have motivated many heretofore passive observers to become passionate activists in defense of our religious liberties.

Across denominational lines, Christian churches, institutions and ministries have launched intense local and national campaigns to return nativity scenes to town squares, to return the use of the word “Christmas” to school calendars, town parades, to the names of local fairs and tree-lighting ceremonies. They have been met with organized resistance every step of the way, but nevertheless have been experiencing victory after victory in defense of Christmas.

Focused efforts to encourage corporate advertisers to re-embrace Christmas as the proper and profitable way to reach the American consumer have been relatively successful. This
year, as the Christmas season is opening, many major advertisers have returned to using the word “Christmas” in both visual and spoken promotion of their products and in the names of their catalogs.

Many people have joined the effort, wearing “Just Say “Merry Christmas” bracelets as a way to return our national spoken greeting to its popular prominence during Christmas Advent. Our continued national demand for the airing of Christmas TV programming like “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Miracle on 34th Street,” also weakens the wall of media political correctness that has attempted to intimidate the overwhelming majority of Americans out of freely expressing their heart-felt sentiments.

Although significant strides have been made by Christians to retrieve Christmas from the
grip of adversarial American media outlets that seems bent on undermining our cultural traditions and money-grubbing corporations who brazenly disrespect the very customers they serve; the censorship and substitution of the word “Christmas” with the term “holiday” continues among a significant percentage of corporate advertisers, newscasters and talk show hosts.

The leftist-inspired refusal to say “Christmas tree,” “Christmas cookie,” “Christmas music,” “Christmas spirit” or “Christmas” anything is still an ongoing tact among those who are attempting to de-Christianize our public square. Therefore, the battle continues for Christians to convince those who enrich themselves by doing business with the American public to cease and desist their culture-killing maneuvers.

It remains just as critical today, as it did last year and all the years that we Christians have
been engaged in these culture wars, that “holiday” is an unacceptable substitute for the word or the spiritual experience called “Christmas.”

“Hark the herald angel sing. Glory to the newborn King.”

I, the Christian Christmas Lady, wish you all a most blessed and very Merry Christmas. Please visit the WND Christmas store for more ways to put Christ back in Christmas and consider purchasing a copy of my book,
“101 Ways to Have A Christian Christmas,” to implement more of my ideas.

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