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U.S. surrender, Iranian victory

Did you know that Romania is the only country to declare war on itself?

There’s just enough truth in this to justify a little laugh. When the onrushing Soviets were destroying Romania’s Nazi German allies and “protectors” late in World War II, King Michael staged a coup, threw out the fascist Antonescu gang and switched sides in a hurry.

Here’s a better one: In the mid-1960s, Indonesia’s first ruler, Sukarno, began to favor the Indonesian Communists who wanted to turn the country over to Red China. His right-leading generals violently smashed the plot, leading to an American newspaper that summed up the story in a headline that said, “Sukarno’s Attempt to Overthrow Himself Fails.”

Yes, we laughed. Now we don’t. America has joined the tragically absurd – big time. In one month America will withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq. The British used to issue “white papers” steeped in diplomatic dignity. If America did white papers, the one on Iraq would be less pompous and more folksy. It would probably say something like, “Hey, you Jihadists! Iraq is now being served. Come and get it!”

This column guarantees that one of three things will happen when American troops depart Iraq:

Those from the White House to world capitals like Tehran, Beijing and Moscow who stuck their policy forks into America and assured their bosses it was done should all get a raise. Hardly a whimper is heard throughout America as this incredible development approaches. Angelina Jolie and the undefeated Green Bay Packers get more air-and-ink.

Note that America is not being defeated military. America is surrendering voluntarily. It will be sold – and bought – worldwide, however, as a walloping battlefield defeat for the Great Satan, America, a defeat that will renew all hunting licenses and issues new ones for the “Little Satan,” Israel.

I can’t be the only one who remembers the flight-from-Vietnam in 1975 when overcrowded American helicopters fled from the rooftop of the American Embassy in Saigon with pro-American Vietnamese clinging onto – and falling off! – those helicopters as their exhausted hands lost their grip on the aircrafts’ undercarriage after takeoff. As the rule in Iraq shifts with a finger snap from American to anti-American, what mercy do you expect will be shown to those many thousands of brave Iraqis who threw themselves into America’s cause in hopes of achieving an Iraq that somehow resembled America? I “cross the aisle” for one short comment to the American left: Those souls are on your conscience, thank God, not on mine.

Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki has been not-too-secretly purging the Iraqi military and civil service of pro-Americans and elevating the influence of the pro-Iranians. Will the now-victorious Iranians and their Iraqi proxies delay their pogrom and allow a respectful “interval” of time before they take our victory and make it theirs, or will they hasten to humiliate America by doing their vengeance immediately? Do a little “thought-experiment.” Think first of Truman, Eisenhower and Patton. Now think of Obama, Biden, Hillary. I suspect the new “victors” will strike before the last American boot has cleared Iraqi soil.

Six thousand Americans gave their lives to liberate Iraq from one of the worst dictators of all time. Hundreds of billions of dollars were “invested” in Iraqi liberty. And we give it up. And we walk away.

This is one of the most wretched deeds in American history. Numbers count. Numbers speak. Numbers yell. Look, not only at the number of Americans who died or the billions that were spent. Look at the number of enslaved Iraqis who embraced America’s liberation and are now about to be handed back to the enemy. And look at the pitiful number of Americans who seem to care.

As long as you’re looking, look at the Iranians, possibly the worst regime in the world except for the North Koreans, and try to stomach their smiles as America “flees the battlefield.”

Sorry, America. When you do it, you’ve got to “do” it; or don’t bother. No Japanese Nuri al-Maliki chased America out and gave Japan back to the Pearl Harbor-boys, and no German al-Maliki gave Germany back to the Nazis. It took a long time after World War II before Americans quit laughing at the cowardice of the Italian army as it surrendered by the brigade and division to the British in North Africa. I caught on early that the Italians were simply too civilized and humane to want to fight for Adolf Hitler. The joke at the time was the Italian general who commanded his troops, “Don’t surrender, unless they attack!”

It appears that America now has a different battle cry. Namely, “Give the victory back, if for any reason it makes our enemies uncomfortable!”

Once being an American ally could save your country. Now it can cost your life.