It may be difficult to believe that the “Occupy” mobs (and those harboring the same worldview) have actually bought into the magnitude of the lies to which they have been exposed, but they have. We already know that it is primarily due to their indoctrination by leftists in education and the media; throw in their manipulation by radical agitators and a dab of innate stupidity, and we have what we see transpiring in cities across America. We are also aware that they’re not the only generation that’s graduated from college with a hefty student-loan burden and scant job prospects, but the fact is that they’ve been convinced they ought to be bringing down seven figures right out of school – so there it is.

Although it is somewhat offensive (though completely in character), we ought not make too much of the attendant issue that congregating for weeks on end, getting stoned, robbing each other and eliminating in public doesn’t appear to be particularly productive on its face. Yes, the “Occupiers” tend to more resemble those in the ’60s who retreated to Haight-Ashbury to have sex, do drugs and smell than those who protested the Vietnam War – but placing too much emphasis on the OWS protesters’ character and proclivities would be dangerously indulgent.

What is important to remember is that they are following in the footsteps of all communist revolutionaries, dim-witted though they may be in the aggregate. Such types have always begun with impotent griping over “the capitalists,” yet invariably ended by dragging shop owners who are barely making a living out of their shops and beating them to death. Said shop owners are every bit the capitalists as the cigar-chomping captains of industry the mobs can’t get their marijuana resin-stained hands on, so this is wholly justifiable, you understand. And their employees? Accomplices – might as well murder them too …

Their subsequent actions become a microcosm of what befalls the nation in question: Take over the shop, run it into the ground, because we deserve to possess the resource and the shop owner somehow did not.

Also important to remember: OWS is the brainchild of Obama surrogates – and you can take that to the bank.

Last week, we were treated to the absolute quintessence of convoluted radical logic, hypocrisy and rationalization. An “Occupy” organizer speaking in Oakland, Calif., circumscribed the feeblest connection between superficial impressions people draw based on race and racism itself, charging society with having conditioned him and his comrades to think that way.

Which is no different than a serial rapist telling the court that he raped all those women because he was abused by his parents.

A great deal has been said in the alternative press regarding the racist and antisocial behavior being exhibited at these protests; we have even seen abject racist bigotry applied to minorities who are ideologically opposed to the mobs. The type of pre-emptive damage control this organizer proffered is, I believe, calculated to justify future misdeeds of the OWS mobs, the left at large, or anyone who wishes to adopt this line of reasoning as license to behave sociopathically and blame their actions on society.

In the practical sense, the end justifies the means.

What I find particularly chilling is that there are many Americans looking with fond remembrance upon the OWS mobs. They’re standing up for their beliefs, just like we did back in the ’60s. Isn’t that darling?

There is a perverse “natural selection” taking place in our nation. Leftist ideologues are obviously going to do what leftist ideologues do, whether they are true believers who cherish the idea of a communist America, or dullards who simply haven’t thought the thing through. What remain, besides patriotic Americans, are those in various stages of awakening to the peril before us and those about whom we wonder what it will take to rouse them.

Some of these will come to be known as “the stupid.”

The arrogance and cavalier comportment President Obama and his minions (Attorney General Eric Holder springs to mind) display as they engage in blatantly criminal exercises is not unique to them. It is indicative of the mentality that has been cultivated by American politicians over decades. It is ironically antithetical to the egalitarianism advanced by America’s founders (as opposed to the empty social-justice doctrine of the left). The only difference is that this administration possesses said arrogance and cavalier attitude in spades compared to their predecessors.

With regard to the clear and present danger presented by the OWS mobs, the solution is simple – and no, it’s not sarin gas bombs. All we have to do is convince them that it’s already pretty apparent they have become what they behold – they’re just as avaricious, hateful and racist as the society they condemn. They just happen to be broke at the moment, and there are ways around that.

This being the case, they’ve really nothing left to protest, and they can simply go home.

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