Meanwhile, a couple of furry friends got somehow connected to that historic bad boy, Adolf Hitler.

Goldie practices her salute.

Goldie the German Shepherd caused some public barking when the dog starred in a TV drama about the Hindenburg airship disaster.

The canine’s offense? It had been taught to replicate the Nazi salute to Hitler.

Animal lover Jens Mueller from Berlin said: “At the very least, it is politically incorrect. Why make a poor dumb animal pay reverence to history’s greatest killer?”

Actor Hannes Jaenicke trained Goldie to do the salute by giving the pup a biscuit each time, and noted, “Animals are strictly regulated when they work for German TV.”

Who’da thunk the Germans of all people would have strict regulation?

Kitler just sayin’ “Heil.”

And then there was the case of Kitler, the kitten that looks like Hitler.

Kitler was abandoned kitten in the United Kingdom, and given the unique name because her facial markings seemed “spot on.”

Tara Dundon at the local animal shelter said the feline’s face was apparently too much for some people:

”We rehome five and a half thousand animals every year but we cannot find a loving owner for Kitler. We think her unusual markings are putting people off.”

Putting people off? What’s wrong with the Brits? Bring that cat to America, and there’s a goosestepping career for her in Hollywood.

But if you’re wondering where all the real cat lovers are, here’s the biggest one of all time.

She posted what was claimed to be an eHarmony dating video on YouTube, and 16 million people have clicked on her profession of love for cats. This is a must-see if you haven’t viewed it yet:

Many people for days thought this thing was the real deal, but it turns out “Debbie” is really Cara Hartmann, who posted the video as a parody.

Her creativity, though, has inspired a number of imitations that can be seen here, with people emotionally proclaiming their love for hats, rats, pizza, bacon and even snakes.

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