Reading news headlines is very interesting: “Sex offenders could be anywhere,” “Celebrity congratulations for baby out of wedlock,” “School apologizes for religious message in Christmas program,” “Ex-sheriff in jail for trading drugs for sex,” “Drug smuggler who kills border patrol agent freed,” “Birth control controversy at major American university,” “Planned Parenthood chapter ‘only performs 5,000 abortions per year’ in one state” and, my personal favorite, “Superman comic expected to sell for $1.5 million.”

It sort of lends a measure of credence to the credo of the evolutionists that man is the product of evolution and only the weak-minded and superstitious believe in some supra-being somewhere who created us and holds us to some standard of behavior. However, while intellectually this may make for stimulating cocktail or mind-numbing classroom discussions, few (if any) of its proponents truly desire the world to live by this rhetoric. Even a cursory examination of the natural selection process will prove this. As in the world of predators, insects and even plants, imagine the strongest among us literally living off of the weakest.

No, even while these pseudo-intellectuals revel in the titillation of godlessness, they are all the while relying on the belief in God held by the masses to hold said masses in check. Understand this, absent an internal moral force, man is controlled only by external force; man is restrained either by the strong arm of morality or the strong arm of a stronger man. Ultimately, it could be said that Western civilization is based on the Bible, others on the bullet. Even the briefest glimpse into man’s history proves this.

Cultures that practiced (and/or practice today) female genital mutilation, slavery, genocide and cannibalism (eating the hearts of your bravest enemy while it still beats) highlight just a few of the “noble achievements” of man in his natural state. It is utter nonsense to propose that mankind, apart from God, will exist in a so-called “civilized state” solely under the auspices of Mother Nature. Man is impelled toward a condition or state based on the beliefs/culture that influence and/or govern his actions.

While the argument for evolution may generate passionate discourse among the intelligentsia, even its strongest adherents require and anticipate the civilizing influence of the “Christian God” they so vehemently deny.

Let us look at just a few examples:

In the wild all-natural state of African lions for example (unlike Disney’s “The Lion King”), when the reigning king is deposed, the new kings, in order to breed, must kill the offspring of the deposed king to bring the lionesses into season. Now imagine in our civilized world, rather than assume the burden of supporting the offspring of the deceased (or divorced) male, the new king simply kills off all the old offspring and starts afresh; and like the male “kids” in a lion pride, when his reach puberty, they are driven out.

On the western plains, a younger, stronger stallion challenges and then drives out the older, weaker herd leader and takes over the females. How about in our natural law evolutionary society, a 6’7″ 275-pound, 25-year-old defensive tackle sees and desires the beautiful, shapely, younger wife of the skinny, flabby 5’5″ 150-pound college professor who taught him evolution. Solution? Beat him up (maybe bad enough that he goes away to die), move in and take over his wife and house.

A sea gull sees another gull fly by with a freshly caught fish, so he chases it down, makes it drop the fish and takes it home to his family. How about this in today’s “no-God-allowed” society: An unemployed man trying unsuccessfully to get a loan in a bank watches a business executive walk out with $25,000, so he follows him, bashes in his head and takes the money to feed his own family.

In the jungle, a tribe of apes attacks and drives the hitherto dominant tribe out of their abundant feeding grounds and takes over. So why shouldn’t, in our “freedom-from-religion” society, gangs of blacks and Hispanics join forces and with guns drive the whites out of the nicer neighborhoods and take them over?

Finally, a polar bear (poster child for global warming) who hasn’t eaten lately kills and eats a baby polar bear, so – in New York City, a homeless guy who hasn’t eaten for weeks, snatches a baby out of a carriage while the mother isn’t looking, runs down an alley into an abandoned building, builds a fire, cooks and eats the kid. I can just hear the genteel folk in their security-guard-protected enclaves; “That is barbaric!” (savagely cruel, exceedingly brutal). “Uncivilized!” (not reclaimed from savage life, rude, barbarous).

Actually, those are all true examples of “lex naturalis” – the law whose content is set by natural forces, Mother Nature, evolution. However, the intellectuals who contend vociferously against God and His morality and passionately for evolution, wail, “Such behavior among humans is uncivilized … wrong … immoral!” They apparently have forgotten that according to them, a “human” is only a higher form of animal and therefore subject to “lex naturalis,” so why should we expect different behavior from these particular animals?

Were I a betting man, I would give you odds that evolutionists would also claim that many of the acts of previous civilizations, like feeding babies to crocodiles, sacrificing virgins and throwing humans into volcanoes to appease the gods, were uncivilized. Oh yes, by the way, I would also give you odds they are using Western civilization as the standard.

Stripped of all nonsensical postulations, it boils down to this: Every “animal” (you) is a law unto himself, and that law is “survival of the fittest” (not the gym kind) – those best fitted to survive, those most suited to their environment.

Consequently, if we truly are the product of evolution, then there are no moral absolutes, as there is no author of moral absolutes. If evolution is the truth, we should all act in a manner consistent with our own view of self, whatever that may be. Just think how much money could be saved. No prison budgets, no police, trial lawyers, or programs to care for the less fortunate. Everyman could do “what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6).

Doesn’t that line up with the position of the “enlightened?” Do whatever you want, as long as you do it in a civilized fashion when interacting with us elite animals.

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