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Who says Bachmann doesn't have a prayer?

With a presidential election year around the corner, every candidate has his or her own website, with many supporters creating their own support sites.

But one presidential candidate has something the others don’t have – an active site set up independently that solicits prayer for her and her family.

That would be Michele Bachmann – and PrayforBachmann.org.

“Jesus detailed the many dangers that lie ahead for those who defend their faith and dare stand publicly for Godly principles,” writes the site’s administrator. “And, as sobering as these words from the Bible may be, Michele Bachmann has willingly stepped out, as an openly God-fearing ‘constitutional conservative,’ into rough, often violent waters on behalf of those who agree that this country’s only way forward is to humbly return to the Godly principles that our founders established this country upon.

“And now, this is our opportunity to come along side Ms. Bachmann in absolute committed prayer and support of her calling to lead this nation back to its foundation in Almighty God,” the site concludes.

The site’s founder, Sally Ebel, told WND why she started PrayforBachmann.org: “I had heard that Michele’s home church had several prayer groups praying for her on a daily basis, and I thought it would be powerful if we could link intercessors together across the country to cover her as she pursues this, the highest office in the land.

“I believe this country is in a crisis as it has never been in before and caused primarily by a Christian absence in our political system,” Ebel continued. “I believe that the action the Christian church takes or chooses not to take in the next few months will directly change the course of history.”

While fellow Republican hopeful Gov. Rick Perry and President Barack Obama also have prayer sites – PrayforPerry.com and PrayforBarackObama.com, respectively – the Texas governor’s site has no regularly updating content, and the president’s page hasn’t been updated since 2009.

Bachmann’s site, however, not only contains weekly updates, but also a prayer “wall” for supporters to add their prayers, a page for organizing local prayer groups and videos, including the following from Bachmann on her “support for Israel”:

Among the prayers posted on the “prayer wall” are the following:

Yet as many of the candidates running for president espouse Christian faith, why does Ebel specifically back Bachmann?

“I believe Michele is the only candidate running that embraces a biblical worldview,” Ebel told WND. “I believe Michele is the ‘real deal’ too. She is a woman of godly character and is full of wisdom and would make an incredible president.

“I also know that Michele is not the final answer to the problems we face,” Εbel continued. “I believe she is the one person who will not be ashamed to humble herself before Almighty God and ask for direction and solutions. … I believe it’s time to pray and raise up a David, who we all know was not the first choice among his brothers to become king, but ultimately was God’s choice, one after God’s own heart.”