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Could even Reagan save America?

A truly intriguing column by Kelly O’Connell appeared in Canada Free Press this week, entitled “Is Socialism’s True Father – Satan?” It was a cogent study of liberal-socialism and communism from a historic as well as a spiritual point of view, and examined key tenets of socialism as they relate to satanic doctrine (as we understand it).

It also cited certain glowing references (if you will) to Lucifer made by socialists over the years.

It was somewhat in the same vein as my 2006 book, “It’s the Devil, Stupid – Our Real enemy and Why We Don’t Talk About Him.” In that book, I looked at the inconsistency of modern Christians who, while ostensibly adhering to Christian doctrine, have perceived it necessary to deftly sidestep one of the core precepts of their faith as this relates to the global upheavals we are experiencing and those that currently loom on the horizon.

That would be the Devil, in fact; Lucifer, Satan, the Enemy, or whatever designation the reader is most comfortable with.

Interestingly, a lot of folks in the media have been touching on events that resonate, both intentionally and unintentionally. In a recent post, WND’s Mychal Massie spoke of recent political developments in the context of biblical prophecy, and then there was the news item that ran here just the other day, concerning catastrophic electromagnetic pulses and sunspots potentially casting modern civilization back into the 1700s – or perhaps even farther. One can’t help but wonder how such events might be translated into the “Wrath of God” a couple of thousand years hence.

Of course, it is the secular-socialist zeitgeist itself that has made Christians wary of discussing these issues in direct terms, except among their Christian friends. It’s intimidating enough to merely profess being a “Christ follower” these days, with blessing one’s meal in a public place or saying “Merry Christmas” carrying the risk of being set upon by some mordant, snarling liberal. Who knows what might occur were we to begin making blanket declarations that secular socialists were literally doing the work of Old Scratch?

While these developments are sad and dangerous, I find the resulting comportment on the part of American Christians somewhat spineless, especially considering the kind of things that are routinely endured by their brethren in countries even more hostile to this faith. I mean, Christians in Africa and China have to worry about being jailed and beaten and burned to death, and we’re afraid some mincing ignoramuses will say we’re primitives for believing in some celestial Santa Claus who runs the universe?

As an aside, I’ll let you in on a secret: This is one of the chief reasons liberals have historically given so much more latitude to blacks than whites on the point of their Christianity: They already believe that blacks are primitives.

For the Bible-believing Christian – and, I’d imagine, even the well-read agnostic – it must appear awfully uncanny that not only Christian Millennial dogma, but Islamic apocalyptic lore and even the ancient prophecies of a few long-dead societies appear to be eerily manifesting at the precise juncture in our history wherein all but the most cloistered or struthious can tell that we are in Big Trouble.

The reader who sympathizes with all this can rest assured that I and my like-minded colleagues can identify, because our detractors continually look for methods by which they might compromise our credibility. When a commentator, whose audience is on the same page politically, ventures into the area of metaphysics and biblical prophecy, they are pushing the envelope to some degree.

One might even say they run the risk of straining their credibility, even with avowed Christians – similar to when we, for example, point out inconsistencies in President Obama’s birth narrative, his undeniably forged birth certificate, or when we charge that he looks, walks and quacks like a communist, despite having failed to make such a declaration publicly.

Whether we address Obama and ACORN, the Occupy movement, or congressional insider trading, twisted values have made for a truly surreal social and political landscape, and it would be disingenuous to claim that it is all the fault of the political left.

I know that some conservatives are aching for another Ronald Reagan to come riding out of the distance, to inspire us and get America back on track just in time for the 2012 election, but whether you’re looking at this from a completely biblical or a completely secular perspective, we may be too far gone for that. Even if such a figure does appear on the horizon, I think that things are going to have to get a lot worse before they get better. The reason for this is that Americans are not yet experiencing enough pain collectively to do what’s necessary to fix ourselves.