Anyone who has been in the workforce for any length of time will probably recognize what lies ahead with the Obama reign. This scenario in the work-a-day world is commonly known as “the five phases of a poorly planned project.” I’m sure it has been adapted to other parts of the work-a-day world.

Generally speaking, the progression of a new project is:

  1. Wild enthusiasm

  2. Dejected disillusionment
  3. Hunt for the guilty
  4. Punishment of the innocent
  5. Promotion of the non-participants

Adapting for the political world, I think we have:

  1. The campaign and coronation (wild enthusiasm)

  2. Reality and details settle in (dejected disillusionment)
  3. Greed, avarice and embarrassment emerge (hunt for the guilty)
  4. Those with integrity “not team players” are thrown under the bus (punishment of the innocent)
  5. Another election occurs (promotion of the non-participants)

The work-a-day world, however, assumes a certain sense of discipline and self-correction that is enforced from the outside. The fact is, the bulk of Obama’s supporters are welfare recipients, academics and union members (discounting illegal aliens).

Academics, the second group, are really a glorified version of the first. They’ve spent their entire lives in school, isolated from the harsh winds and weather of what the rest of us call reality. This, however, only encourages them to be more certain that their ivory-tower dreams will provide real-world solutions. It rarely happens.

Union members are well acquainted with reality. Their goal is to escape it, thus the attraction of a union, where workers create the reality and the employer must toe the line and pay the bills. I’m sure that’s fun while it lasts, but in today’s competitive world, unions are all but dead in the private sector.

Government, however, is ideal as a union haven from reality. In the union view, all employees are equally capable, dependable and motivated. So seniority must be used to thin the herd when “fiscal cooling” strikes the bureaucratic budget. And lawmakers, ever eager for a vote (or two, or three or however many times you’re inclined to vote) are only too happy to “toe the line” and “pay the bills.” After all – it ain’t their money!

Which brings us to phase 5, another election. While in the real world Obama would be wrapped around one of the tires on his tour bus, his smiling face visible for the camera only once on each rotation, Obama’s supporters know nothing of the real world – other than that, regardless of the cost, it must be avoided!

So Obama’s only real chance is to twist step 4 around the Republicans’ necks and demonize them. And Republicans just might step up to the plate – and help him! (Ask the ever-disgruntled herd of RINOs about this.)

So I do not rule out that Obama may avoid reality for another election cycle. For America and the rest of the world, however, there will be no reality avoidance during an second Obama coronation. Personally, I’d rather take my chances with a name randomly selected out of the national telephone directory.

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