When WND video commentator Molotov Mitchell asked if Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich was like the “Kim Kardashian of the GOP,” the story went viral.

Drawing attention from Reuters, The Hill, Los Angeles Times, Des Moines Register, ABC news stations in Iowa and Washington, D.C., National Public Radio and Chris Matthews of MSNBC, among many others, the video made media waves by brazenly criticizing the thrice-married Gingrich for cheating on and divorcing his wives.

Molotov, who has advocated for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s candidacy, accuses Gingrich of dishonoring marriage like a Hollywood celebrity – such as Kardashian, who has been married and divorced twice, most recently wed for only 72 days.

“Seriously, I can’t stand Barack Obama,” Mitchell says in his no-holds-barred video, “but at least he doesn’t trade in his wives like used cars.”

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But why is Mitchell so upset over Gingrich’s personal life?

He answers the question in the video: “If Newt Gingrich can betray a woman who has sworn her love and loyalty to him for the rest of her life, not once, but twice, what makes you think he won’t betray you, the faceless voter in a sea of faceless voters?”

See the video causing all the commotion below:

The story gained traction when Cary Gordon, a pastor in Sioux City, Iowa, sent the video via text message to thousands of voters across Iowa.

Gordon, who has endorsed Rick Santorum but also praises Rep. Michele Bachmann in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, says questioning Gingrich’s moral compass is necessary because the former speaker of the House’s favorability rating among Iowa Christians “keeps going up and up.”

Gordon says he forgives Gingrich for his past marital transgressions, according to a Los Angeles Times report, but says, “At the end of the day, I have to make a decision on his credibility. I think Newt should run for a lower office, serve for a while and show us a record of no flip-flops and consistent support of Christian morality.”

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