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Hands off my Nativity!

There is no image that represents Christmas more appropriately than the Nativity scene. There is no more compelling image than the sight of the Baby Jesus in the manger. It provokes contemplations that produce some profound considerations.

For example, Baby Jesus participated in the determination of His own birth. When The Father in Heaven asked, “Whom shall I send?” The Word, His Son, answered, “Send Me.”

The Word volunteered to take on flesh and come into our world. When He took on flesh by way of the Holy Ghost and a 16-year-old virgin, He became Jesus – The Word made flesh; the walking, talking, embodiment of the will and way of God.

Because there is no remission of sin without a blood sacrifice; the Son of God, in an act of unsurpassed love for mankind, came among us to offer up himself as the perfect, spotless, sinless, Godly blood sacrifice. He knowingly presented Himself as the one-time ultimate payment for the sins of everyone on earth.

We should be aware, particularly at Christmas time, of the great love that Christ holds for us. We should remember that He chose to come down from heaven and willingly paid the horrible physical and spiritual price to be our Savior; our Emanuel – our God with us.

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The birth of Jesus is the most important event that has occurred in human history. The Nativity’s message offers the free gift of salvation to humankind, and its iconic image should be consistently delivered throughout the world.

It is fortuitous that Christians have forged the tradition of setting aside the month of December to celebrate the birth of Christ and present the Nativity to the world. In addition to being a season of celebration, it provides Christians the opportunity to teach about Christ in a concerted manner; it puts our Christian culture in the same mindset at the same time each year. Christmas makes the world stop to not only recognize Christian culture, but most importantly, to hear about the deity of Jesus Christ.

Christmas time is a sacred season and should be treated as such. The Nativity icon is paramount in promoting the true meaning of the season. Christians must commit to the
proliferation of Nativity images in all friendly venues of our society and on all types of American media throughout Christmas Advent.

Every Christ-centered church that celebrates Christmas should display Nativity scenes both inside and outside during the Christmas season. Every Christian home should display Nativities, both inside and outside.

Wall-sized Nativity decals can be used when fiscal obstacles prevent organizations from purchasing life-sized Nativities.

Nativity committees should be formed with the expressed purpose to provide Nativity decals for all the businesses in your town who are willing to display them on their windows, or to provide them with three-dimensional sets for window display. Buy a Nativity icon bumper sticker. Leave it on your car all year.

Christians must respond to efforts to expunge the Nativity from the sight of our children with a tidal wave of Nativity images. For every courthouse where the Nativity has been removed, 1,000 images or actual Nativities should spring up. Christians have the cultural authority to be in charge of the presentation and image of Christmas in America.

May I, the Christian Christmas Lady, encourage you to demand to have a wonderful advent season, and plan to have a very Merry Christmas.

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