Every now and then, I’m asked why I sometimes write about companies that have less than 100 percent American content in their products. It’s a very good question, and I have an answer that is equally as good.

In some product categories, it’s not possible to find products that are 100 percent made in USA, or certain models or products in a company line that are completely made here would be out of reach to consumers with lower income levels.

For example, New Balance only makes about 30 percent of its shoes in the USA, and only a fraction of those are 100 percent made in USA, which can cost over $200 a pair. So why mention New Balance at all? Because their competition (American-owned Nike, German-owned Adidas, German-owned Reebok, Italian-owned Fila, etc.) make absolutely no shoes in the United States.

But I’m not here to talk about shoes right now. I’m here to talk about another category where only one brand is assembled in the USA.

Solar Goose LED flashlights, a product of U.S.-based Solar LED Innovations (SLI), are patented and assembled in America with as many American-sourced parts as possible. All assembly and packaging of their flashlights is done in Thorndale, Pa., by Handi-Crafters, an organization providing employment for those with employment barriers.

Most Solar Goose products contain over 50 percent U.S. materials. And by providing work for Americans with developmental disabilities, not only does SLI help keep Americans employed, they also help keep the most unemployable employed – thus lessening the tax burden on all of us.

You’ll want to check out the Solar Goose LED flashlights product page to see all of their American-assembled products, including their 1-watt, 3-watt, and 7-LED flashlights, mirror inspection lights, and their Adventure flashlight, which is ideal for camping, boating and hiking.

By choosing Solar Goose you’ll be making a choice that is much better for the environment. Each rechargeable and recyclable battery saves 1,000 disposable batteries from ending-up in a landfill. You’ll also save hundreds of dollars in the long run by not having to constantly purchase batteries, as each LED bulb lasts 100,000 hours.

Solar Goose LED flashlights use recycled aluminum, too.

By choosing Solar Goose LED flashlights, with battery technology that is both recyclable and rechargeable, you’ll have a product that can be charged up to 1,400 times! There is no fluid leakage, no heat emission, and low cell discharge (about 2 percent per month).

Unfortunately, as is common in the electrical arena, some light products are imported, and these are noted in the product description on the Solar LED Innovations website, including the mini solar light, USB keyboard light, and the i-Phone/i-Pod solar charger.

Right now is a great time to consider the American-assembled Solar Goose LED flashlights, because during the entire month of December, you’ll get a full 20 percent off your purchase by using the discount code “Solar” when checking out.

Again, Solar LED Innovations is a U.S. based company, and their Solar Goose LED flashlights are the only solar flashlights you’ll find assembled in America, using 50 percent U.S. content.

They’re better for American employment, better for the environment, and better for your wallet in December at 20 percent off when you consider the imported-only competition. Solar Goose LED flashlights are simply the way to go if you want to “go solar” and buy American as much as possible at the same time.

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