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THE NORRIS EFFECT! Who will be GOP 'game-changer'?

Chuck Norris

Who will make this year’s “game-changing” endorsement in the primary race for the GOP nomination for president? Or will there even be one?

The subject was raised this week in TalkingPointsMemo by commentator Benjy Sarlin, who noted that roughly four years ago at this point that role was taken by action movie star and martial arts champion Chuck Norris.

Norris appeared in an ad with Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who explained his answer to secure borders in America during a presidency would be two words: “Chuck … Norris.”

Read Chuck Norris’ insights on our nation, in “Black Belt Patriotism : How to Reawaken America.”

The ad still is popular online years after the GOP nominating process ultimately picked Arizona Sen. John McCain:

But TPM noted, “Around this time in the last presidential primaries cycle, Mitt Romney was riding high in Iowa, until a certain fellow strolled into town by the name of ‘Chuck Norris.’ Mike Huckabee had picked up his endorsement and received a sudden boost that took him through to victory in the Hawkeye State.”

Sarlin said his list of possible “game-changers’ includes Huckabee himself, tea party favorite Sen. Jim DeMint and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

But what about Chuck Norris, Round 2?

There’s no word yet from his office on when, or if, an endorsement is coming from Norris during this round of GOP arguing.

But his most recent column on WND sheds considerable light on the type of candidate he’s watching for, if not an individual.

Pushing strongly for a “team” effort on the part of Republicans to replace Barack Obama in the White House, he wrote: “When does inference turn to infighting? When does public debate dismantle our conservative solidarity? When do campaign commercials compromise our unity to fight together? And when does friendly bantering turn into friendly fire that is fuel for our foes?”

He said he understands the tactics to win a “regular” election, “But this is no typical run for the presidency. There is a progressive insurrection underway, and at the heart of their political warfare is the disunity of conservative consensus.”

He said the GOP “infighting” could make up part of “progressives’ plan to keep their incumbent in the Oval Office.”

He cited former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who told an audience, “President Obama is legitimately and authentically a Saul Alinsky radical.”

“I completely agree, as well as the majority who truly understand Obama’s origins and political philosophies,” Norris wrote. “Even the New York Times back in August 2009 wrote, ‘Saul Alinsky, the Chicago activist and writer whose street-smart tactics influenced generations of community organizers, most famously the current president.'”

He said GOP candidates, by infighting, “are playing right into President Obama and Saul Alinsky’s hands. The fact is, that while the majority of GOP candidates think they’re merely competing for the prize of nomination, they are running exact plays from Alinsky’s playbook, often pitted by the main stream media and the White House, who are playing them like pawns with their questions, accusations, and innuendoes.”

He cited Gingrich again, who in a speech said, “We have no opponents except Barack Obama.”

“Now, you tell me, which type of leadership is going to win us back the White House: one that rallies the country or divides the house?” Norris asked.

“If we are going to win the war for the White House, it’s going to be solely in our ability to rally together and keep our scopes on the current occupant of the White House, not by aiming at one other,” he wrote.

At the time during the last election cycle when he appeared in Huckabee’s ads, Norris wrote in a column that Huckabee had been described by Time magazine as one of the best governors in America.

And, he wrote, “Mike is also a respected and fearless leader, and he does not cower to the cries of any majority or minority. He doesn’t abandon his values for what’s expedient. Like our Founding Fathers, he’s not afraid to stand up for a Creator and against secularist beliefs. At the same time, he doesn’t fear offending Christian leaders who give up their values in pursuit of electing their ‘team leader’ just like everyone else. ”

Shortly before, Norris had some fun speculating on what he would do as vice president himself.

“It really doesn’t matter whose presidential ticket I ride on as vice president, since America will be a Chucktatorship when I step into office. If I am elected vice president, I promise to unilaterally fulfill these pledges within my first 30 days in office: If I win on McCain’s ticket, consider the Middle East wars over. Our enemies are toast. If I win on Hillary’s ticket, I promise you that Bill will stay out of the Oval Office and on his Total Gym. If he argues with me, I will put him on latrine duty throughout the whole White House. If I win on Obama’s ticket, I will appoint Barack as co-editor with Oprah for my new political magazine, ‘Uh-O!'” he wrote.

He said he would change Iranian president Mahmoud Ahamdinejad’s name “to Smith or Johnson – just because I can. For as long as I’m in office, his country will be renamed from ‘I-ran’ to ‘You’d-better-run.'”

He also said he would require government leaders “to follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights or deport them immediately to their new Guantanamo Bay offices in the newly incorporated U.S. territory of the North Pole.”

And at Obama’s election, Chuck Norris wrote: “Now that you work for me…

“After Election Day, I asked myself, despite the outcome, how can I work for our new president to help better America? Then the thought occurred to me, the first question that should be answered is: How will you work for me? After all, it is ‘We, the People’ of the Constitution for whom you are employed, correct?”

So who will be that 2012 “game-changer?”

If National Journal is to be believed, the name will be a familiar one: Chuck Norris.

Its poll of its political insiders conducted earlier this year revealed the favorite celebrity among Republicans to give their campaigns a “kick” is none other than WND commentator Chuck Norris.

A reported 46 percent of the Journal’s insiders named Norris as a welcome fighter in a Republican candidate’s corner.

“We are the ‘daddy party’ and the Dems are the ‘mommy party,'” commented one Journal insider. “No one makes that more apparent than Chuck.”

The top Democrat celebrity, named by 84 percent of Democrat insiders, is Oprah Winfrey.

Rounding out the most coveted endorsements for Republicans are the following:

Τhe top endorsements for Democrats were the following:

The National Journal Political Insiders Poll is a regular survey of over 200 political operatives, strategists, campaign consultants and lobbyists in both parties.