When I was a kid, one of the worst things a person could be was anti-Semitic. I actually grew up knowing Holocaust survivors; indeed, some of them were coworkers or the family members of friends. There were also those Jews who had escaped from persecution in Russia or what used to be called Eastern bloc countries. Whether the press, the entertainment media, or the average Joe, it was wholly understood that Jewish people had collectively suffered unprecedented atrocities – and fairly recently in the general scheme of things. Even individuals who didn’t particularly care for Jews (for whatever reason) understood the prevailing sensitivities.

Between that and the civil-rights movement, it was painfully evident to everyone (at least, everyone I knew who wasn’t a racist or developmentally disabled) how insidious racist doctrine could be, and how it resulted in things even more heinous than war or murder taken by themselves. This also makes libelous charges of racism originating from the mouths of race-baiters even more offensive to rational minds.

I was mortified at how quickly so many Americans, galvanized by the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were transformed into equivocating, perfidious cowards who were not only willing to consider the position of the troglodytes who attacked us, but to join in with the chorus of traitorous troglodyte sympathists against us. Yes, we can castigate the establishment press for their treason and sabotage, but it is almost impossible not to view with a certain derision those sufficiently weak-minded that they were so easily swayed by amoral, illogical propaganda.

Similarly, I am mortified – as well as terrified – at how quickly so many Americans have fallen into the craven dogma of scapegoating and racism vis-a-vis the nascent anti-Semitism that currently exists. It is true enough that many of the budding Jew-haters are of the younger generations, but that isn’t a moral or even a viable excuse. Currently we still adhere to the collective belief that slavery is an abomination (although I suppose that could change), and without the moral guidance of our elders, even my generation could have grown up indifferent to that which European and Eurasian Jews had so recently suffered.

There is a singular insanity connected to this “new” anti-Semitism, and many of us have already recognized this. While the recriminations leveled by the enemies of Jews are the same tired boilerplate employed by the Third Reich, there are inconsistencies and gaps in their logic that suggest a cognitive dissonance or some psychopathology in play.

For example, the “Zionist Jew bankers” whom the left and some in the New World Order crowd vilify are hardly Zionists. They, like most prominent liberals and well-heeled socialists, are anti-Israel in terms of their policy and anti-Jew in general. The “new world order” that truly threatens to overwhelm us – whether an Islamic caliphate or a communist dictatorship – will definitely not be particularly friendly to Jews.


This, of course, puzzles many who wonder why influential Jews would want to bring about their own destruction – but the fact is that they’ve done it before. Secular ethnic Jews who do not particularly identify as Jewish have previously involved themselves in socialist and communist revolutions, even when the outcome led to the wholesale persecution of Jews.

Which sort of gives the lie to the whole “global Jewish conspiracy” angle. While it’s true that there are Jews in high places contributing to the subversion of America, I don’t see that one can fault them any more than the Catholics or Protestants in high places who are contributing to the subversion of America.

Be that is it may, it is clear that the canon of good old-fashioned Jew hatred is being successfully inculcated into a significant, if not substantial, segment of Americans. Many of those in the Occupy movement – again, some ethnic Jews themselves – blame “Jew bankers” as indiscriminately as they blame capitalists, completely overlooking the fact that their political allies enjoy incestuous affiliations with the aforementioned bankers and capitalists.

We may ponder what these folks – be it Viacom’s Sumner Redstone, Disney’s Michael Eisner, or the broke NYU junior from the Occupy protests – plan to do at some future time in the face of an anti-Jewish government pogrom or Iranian paratroopers. More likely than not, their fate will be the same as other “undesirable” collaborators, or those whom the new regime simply deem expendable.

Unfortunately, many of us will have equally pressing problems right about then.

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