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Which candidates not to trust

Those running for the Republican presidential nomination are doing what politicians do – they are promising the old “when I’m elected I’ll blah, blah, blah,” ad nauseam. Their straight-faced, numerous assurances are, or can be, convincing, until people stop to think that these people have been in elected office in some capacity nearly all of their adult lives. But it isn’t until they decide to be president that they suddenly decide they know exactly what needs to be done to solve the nation’s problems.

They’ve spent years and decades in political positions, and their records say all that needs be said, but with the allure of the presidency, they suddenly have all the answers. The question that begs an answer is, why didn’t they have the answers before? Why didn’t they go to the mat for we the people before?

Then there is Obama. After his election, his promises turned out to be the equivalent of a “Feast of Barmecide.” He now no longer promises anything; he behaves as a ruler or, better put, he behaves as a narcissistic, bipolar-schizophrenic, Communist dictator. He no longer promises anything – he now dictates. “Vladimir” Obama now just issues edicts and demands they be followed without question. He doesn’t need Congress, and he couldn’t care less about the American people. His intent is to rule and to separate by class and race.

And then there are the people. Contempt for Obama is at unprecedented levels, and it should be – he deserves the unmitigated scorn and wrath of America for what he has done to our nation and our form of government. But we also cannot absolve the Republicans for their role in the nation’s decline. Yet, it’s election time, and the candidates are lining up to say whatever their handlers tell them to say and promise.

Therein lies the problem – people are looking to government instead of looking to themselves. And, thanks specifically to the socialism that came into being with Franklin D. Roosevelt, government has been able to strip the people of their self-reliance more and more, until people become government dependents.

As did the families of other baby boomers, my mothers lived through the Great Depression, and the greatest gift of their generation was self-reliance. They came from a time when people had to fend for themselves, and that’s what’s missing today. Most in the post-baby-boom generation not only forget, but also do not realize that there was a time when many, if not most, built their homes themselves. They don’t realize that, for many, the only way you had steak, chicken, or ham was if you grew the cow, chicken, or pig yourself and then butchered same. And most importantly, what most in the post-baby-boom generation do not realize is that rugged individualism, which Obama recently defined as a failure, is why we have cities, towns and industry west of the Colorado River.

Baby boomers are the progeny of those who believed in themselves, not government. That generation didn’t look for handouts or government subsidies. They joined together, helped one another and created opportunities for themselves and, whenever possible, for one another. It wasn’t easy, but they were free, and what they had belonged to them.

The fight that exists in those of our baby-boom generation was based on examples handed down from our families and others who had lived through the Depression. I submit that government care and dependence have done nothing but breed generations of people who instinctively give up and turn to government instead of creating ways to weather the realities of life.

Specific to my point, that is what politicians prey upon. They breed discontent and animus based on perceptions of what one has that another doesn’t. They spend their lives in offices making things worst, then claim that by being president they can make things better – and people believe them.

I believe we are at the intersection of the end of self-reliance and total government dependence. If we do not make a stand here, it will be necessary to kowtow and submit to every foolish folly demanded by a socialist, politically correct government demanding people comply with its edicts, or those people will not receive that subsistence they have become dependent upon.

Our Founding Fathers created a government to free its citizens from the tyrannical rule of monarchs, but over time – through the insidious use of crisis moments – nefarious individuals and organizations have been able to change government by corrupting both the individuals elected and the way they get elected.

The message we need to hear from candidates is that the system has been broken and cannot be fixed. It must be dismantled, allowing only the Constitution to remain, and be rebuilt based upon that hallowed document. Any candidate today, who currently holds office or has held office, who doesn’t take at least partial credit for the decline of America should not be taken at their word that they’ll make a difference as president.