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Civilization marches on – backward

Twice within the last year, members of my family have experienced instances of credit card fraud, wherein a clerk somewhere gleans a credit card number during a transaction and later sells it, passes it on to an accomplice, or uses it to make purchases or attempt to obtain cash advances. It’s sad, frustrating and almost impossible to protect against, because the culprits can be anyone from the friendly neighborhood cashier to a bartender in a luxury hotel that you’d expect would hold to some sort of standards.

In both cases, it was discovered quickly, and there was no great loss, except in the time it takes to correct such things, and to the merchant who was out the merchandise that the banks refused to pay for. Of course, it is monumentally inconvenient to the card holder, particularly if this has become his or her primary means of transaction, and it contributes in no small way to inflated prices.

I’m aware that the sentiments of some will lie in the area of Well, you’re rich; you can afford it. Aside from this being grossly inaccurate, it also reflects elements of that with which perpetrators of credit card fraud use to justify their odious deeds.

They’re entitled. In other words, they excuse their actions with the rationale that you have, and they do not.

This was the answer I gave to the relative who asked me how people could justify doing such things to other hardworking people. We’ve always had criminals and sociopaths, but ours is the first time in history that a political doctrine has been advanced to inculcate antisocial tendencies into the average citizen. The Occupy movement, for example, is a symptom of this, like a single angry pimple that has popped on the landscape of a troubled complexion.

In the case of some card fraud perpetrators, I imagine there’s also an element of racism at play. In many instances – such as one I touched on – the perpetrator is an expatriate worker from a Third World nation. The animas advanced against Americans is specifically (though not always exclusively) reserved for those of northern European (white) descent, so it only stands to reason that a some foreign workers might rationalize that ripping off “rich, white Americans” is perfectly acceptable.

We’ve always had elements of class envy, but this is the first time in history that is has been nurtured to the degree that is has in the case of contemporary America. In the time of the Russian Revolution, average citizens truly were treated cavalierly and oppressed outright by an imperium that did not embrace concepts of Natural Law and equality. In a truly perverse twist, a people – us – who enjoy an average level of comfort unsurpassed in any epoch, have been incrementally conditioned to believe that the very system that facilitates such comfort is manifestly evil; the more an individual has benefitted from its fruits, the deeper his moral wretchedness. Perilous numbers of Americans now accept the notion that they are entitled to that for which their neighbor has labored.

Ug’s woman pretty. Me take …

Though this attitude is uncivilized and immoral, it nevertheless illustrates the necessity for the political left having subjectivized such terms as civility and morality in the first place. Generations later, concepts of property were adopted, and Ug’s clan mate would know that if he tried to rape Ug’s wife when she went to draw water, not only might Ug run a spear through him, but there would be consequences imposed by the tribe (society) that he would have to pay.

All of this could get us into a protracted discussion of why marriage came about, why women were once considered property and why homosexuals can’t be married no matter how much redefinition of the term is advocated – but that is, as they say, a discussion for another time.

I’ve stated before that the situation in which we find ourselves is in part a result of Americans’ inability to believe that those in government wish to essentially enslave them, that we haven’t really grown beyond tyranny. If the Old Testament isn’t convincing enough evidence of how quickly people forget, then recent history ought to be. It’s only been six decades since Hitler’s death camps, and four since the Khmer Rouge. Although the press is loath to elaborate on it, there is ample evidence for the most sick-making atrocities being committed in undeveloped nations (those would be the ones that run the United Nations, by the way) on an ongoing basis.

Yet even this hasn’t been sufficient to convince Americans that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Part of this is due to conceit and part due to propaganda. Those in the secular realm would have us believe that we’re inherently noble simply as a function of our humanity. The motivation for the press downplaying the realities of the world lies in the necessity for the left to cultivate ignorance on our part. History has certainly borne out that an ignorant population tends to be easier to control.

And unless a fundamental transformation of Americans’ worldview is realized, then control us they will, and to an ever-increasing degree.