“According to your faith be it unto you” – Matthew 9:29.

I think sometimes this is one of the more difficult verses in the Bible. The context is two blind men who assailed Jesus after a previous miracle, pleading with him to heal them as well.

Jesus asks them a simple question: Do you believe I am able to do this? They both assure him that they do. And Matthew records that both were healed.

So why did Jesus ask the question?

In a sense, our modern culture makes us all “blind men” when dealing with Jesus Christ. We know how lots of things work, eyes included. And for the really big questions about origins and eternal destiny, we’ve made up secular fairy tales to tide us over until we figure out the “real” answer.

The end result is that in the “real” world today, you and I have less need of God than the blind men Matthew describes. The two blind men knew only that they couldn’t see. As modern people, we know how the eyes works – thus we “know” it would be impossible for anyone to restore sight simply by a touch of his finger. “According to your faith be it unto you.”

The same is true of our world. We have a brilliant slate of world leaders ruling the nations today. (We in the West know they’re brilliant, because we elected them.) They have the finest education and credentials money can buy. So we certainly have no need of God’s healing hand in international relations.

Thieves and corrupt politicians have bankrupted the world, but we’re all smart people and we will figure out how to fix it. Won’t we? As modern people we understand that neither good nor evil exists, so let’s just compromise between the two and move forward.

One of the reasons Christians are such an offense to the world is that we point out the utter nonsense of the world’s ruling class. Their deeds stand in utter disregard of the ends they espouse.

OK, we blew up Iraq – got that fixed! We kicked butt in Afghanistan – time to go home. We got bin Laden – the war is over!

What do you mean Iran has nukes? And Iraq and the rest of the Arab world is committing genocide against Christians, as a prelude to the Jews? Well, er, ah … yes – but we’ve committed our resources to world transsexual AIDS freedom day – here’s a condom from Santa, little girl. Go and ask one of your two mommies or two daddies how it works, or come back and see Santa at the end of his shift.

Christmas is so yesterday! We don’t need God’s healing hand on this earth. Don’t you mention Christmas unless you’re standing in line at the checkout counter with your wallet in your hand, you religious pervert!

Christmas carols in the public square? Are you crazy! You better have a waiver from the ACLU and a permission slip from your local mosque. And here’s the bill for your police protection while you’re singing.

And so, as the age of insanity draws to a close, Jesus asks us the same question he asked the pair of blind beggars: “Believe ye that I am able to do this?”

His answer remains the same: “According to your faith be it unto you”

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