Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh turned up the sarcasm after the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. He joked that Obama will regret never getting the chance to bow to him (FREE audio).

Later in the week, a devoted listener called to tell Limbaugh: “I got up at 2:30 last night in the morning in a cold sweat thinking about Rush not being on the radio. I almost had a heart attack. … It would be like a Third World country. We lose the best member of our family.”

Michael Savage

On the occasion of Kim Jong Il’s death, Michael Savage took the opportunity to compare North Korea with its neighbor: “Take a look at South Korea next door. You see a booming economy producing cars and other things the world really wants. You see booming cities full of fat and happy people.

“Then look back at the North, a country that has been under the yoke of a Stalinist mentality ever since it was created,” Savage continued. “What you see is what you’d get with the Obama administration if it was allowed to go on steroids: a state controlled nightmare” (FREE audio).

“We know that Romney is not the most conservative candidate,” said Savage later in the week, “but we also know he’s better than Obama, for many reasons: a) I know where he was born and b) I know who his father was” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Pollster Pat Caddell joined guest host Mark Simone to talk about the latest Iowa polls, which show a significant drop in Gingrich’s popularity.

“Romney has a lot of momentum and support. Gingrich has undergone the single greatest attack I think I have ever seen on a candidate in American political history,” said Caddell (FREE audio).

“Our economy is in the ditch,” Fox Business Network contributor Stewart Varney told Simone. He added that, “The frontrunners in the Republican race could both beat Obama at this point” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

In response to Newt’s complaints about Romney’s team hammering him with TV ads in Iowa, Romney warned Gingrich this morning that if he can’t stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen.

Laura asked listeners: “Is Newt right to complain, or should he fight fire with fire?”

Gov. Mike Huckabee won the Iowa primary in 2008, but he didn’t get the GOP nomination. Laura had him on the show to discuss Romney’s flip-flop on abortion and the governor’s new movie, “The Gift of Life.”

Jon Huntsman, former Republican governor of Utah and Ambassador to China, also joined Ingraham to talk about foreign affairs and his rise to 3rd place in New Hampshire polling (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Levin was off the air this week but was still in the news. He was quoted in a Daily Caller article called, “In Search of the Republican Establishment.”

On that topic, Levin said: “It is interesting that no one wants to be characterized as part of the establishment, even when they run the instrumentalities of the GOP and have never endorsed a single tea-party candidate out of the gate.”

Levin was also on the panel of judges that selected the winners of the Media Research Center’s “Best Notable Quotables of 2011” (Paul Krugman won the dubious achievement for his insensitive remarks on the 10th anniversary of 9/11).

Glenn Beck

New York was never Glenn Beck’s favorite city. Now he joins fellow talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh in moving away. Beck and his crew posted a catchy, hilarious music video “celebrating” his company’s move to Texas (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Al Sharpton is on vacation, but even without him, his show continues trying to make Republicans look bad by spreading misinformation.

This week, Sharpton fill-in host Andre Eggleston tossed out “a fabricated ‘paraphrased’ statement supposedly by Sen. Mitch McConnell,” as “evidence” that the GOP is trying to prevent African-Americans from voting.

He told listeners (FREE audio): “Eric Holder may have waited too late to try to do something about the drive by the right wing to try and right this election.

“I mean [Republicans] don’t want black folk to vote,” Eggleston said. “This is a blood-won right. Mitch McConnell even said ‘voting is working out for us too well’ to paraphrase what he had to say.”

As Radio Equalizer’s Brian Maloney noted, “Lost in the argument here is how exactly Republicans plan to bar black voters from the polls, but other libs claim voter ID laws somehow discourage African-Americans.

“Any data to back that up?” Maloney questioned. “Need we even ask?”

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