Nigeria is erupting in anti-Christian violence. The perpetrators are Muslims promoting Islamic law. All Muslims do not endorse violence against Christians. That being said, all Germans were not Nazis. All Russians were not communist. All Southerners in the U.S. were not Klansmen. All English did not endorse the “British” famine in Ireland nor Boer concentration camps in South Africa. For the record, it was the British Empire during Boer War that invented the concentration system as we knew it in the 20th century.

All it takes for violence to succeed is for the silent majority to stay silent, the 99 percent – the real 99 percent, not the make-believe 99 percent Occupy says it represents.

Much of the 20th-century world “claimed” it knew not of the Holocaust after World War II. Much of the 20th-century world knew what it wanted to know about the slaughter of tens of millions on the Eastern Front. “Brave & Noble Poland” became Mother Russia’s “Great Patriotic War,” depending on the intent of the propagandist.

Nigeria is the home of the Nigerian people. Nigerians were “used” by the CIA as our thugs on the Dark Continent. Russia, China, France, England, America employ thugs in other lands. The Nigerians are now turning on one another. Violence begets violence. I am not calling for American intervention in Nigeria; messing in other folks’ affairs makes things worse and is part of the “good deed” syndrome. I am calling for the media everywhere to shine a light on Nigeria.

In America, the media are prostitutes hired by vested interest, left and right. Hillary Clinton, under the guise of American-Islamic friendship, is promoting the silencing of the media on matters of “radical” Muslim excesses in the world. This is evil and similar to what took place before the Holocaust. History repeats itself because no one learns from history, just the names and dates – no more.

Edmond Day

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