If you’re looking for a uniquely American gift idea that makes an ideal hostess, wedding, or holiday gift, you’ll want to check out Kentucky Cutting Boards.

Kentucky Cutting Boards offers American-made cheese, artisan, and cutting boards that are an asset to any home that will add an accent of warmth with their use of true American hardwoods.

All Kentucky Cutting Boards are hand-crafted in Louisville using maple/American cherry or American hickory. All cutting boards are made from sustainable yield hardwoods and support the local region’s hardwood industry.

The story behind how Kentucky Cutting Boards began is almost as interesting as the unique and authentic products themselves. The idea surfaced in a casual discussion over a glass of wine in the fall of 2006.

Owners Bill and Jennifer Adams had started their flooring sales and manufacturing company in 1995, and by 2003, a large portion of their business had become flooring inlays and medallions created from various domestic and exotic woods.

Customers would come to the showroom because they wanted the warmth that natural wood provides in their homes and fell in love with the rich colors and unique look of inlays and patterns.

So over that glass of wine in their backyard, Bill and Jennifer wondered how they could create other decorative products that could add warmth to more American homes using American hardwoods.

The key was to come up with way to incorporate their unique hardwood inlays into a product that was both practical and functional. After going over a list of ideas, Kentucky Cutting Boards was born!

From there, it was a matter of deciding which simple yet iconic designs to use that would transfer the warmth that their flooring customers had come to love and appreciate. Today, the side or back of every board (depending on which one you choose) is stamped with their signature horseshoe brand to identify your piece as an authentic Kentucky Cutting Board.

The horse head design was the first decorative inlay to become a hit, since Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby. You can check out the beautiful horse head inlay on their product page as shown on a striped maple or American cherry cheese board.

Another Louisville trademark (along with New Orleans) is the Fleur de Lis, and you can see this beautiful inlay design on their product page as well. Both the Louisville style and New Orleans style Fleur de Lis are available and either can be specified with your order.

Other authentic designs used as inlays include the horseshoe, owl, ladybug (a best seller for Mother’s Day), pineapple (often used as a “welcome to your new home” gift), African fish, and Celtic Trinity.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional yet authentic cutting board, cheese board, bread board, baker’s board, or Lazy Susan board, Kentucky Cutting Boards makes them in America with all American hardwoods at very reasonable prices.

And right now, you’ll get free shipping with your proudly American-made product!

So if you want something uniquely American that will keep American workers working into the New Year, you’ll want to check out Kentucky Cutting Boards.

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