Ironically, if there ever were a time to use nuclear weapons, like radiation-reduced neutron bombs, to excise a cancer such as this, now is the moment. While our armed forces are now clear of the quagmire in Iraq, to sacrifice many more American lives would be criminal. And, a quick strike is necessary – much like the Israeli pre-emptive air strikes that quickly put an end to what otherwise would have been a devastating war with neighboring Arab states in 1967 – to prevent a counterattack that would let the Islamic regime “get off the mat” and wreak devastation on the world economy by closing the Strait of Hormuz and attacking and seriously if not fatally harming Israel, and even other Western interests.

To kill this regime, strong and decisive measures are necessary. The threat is not one just toward Israel anymore, but the entire civilized world, and in particular the well-being of the United States.

It is indeed sad that it has come to this. If Presidents Clinton, Bush and now Obama had had any foresight, a nuclear attack on Iran could have long since been averted. Much like taking out a small lump in a cancerous female breast, the operation could have been simple and done with. Now a total radical double mastectomy is required. Because of this inaction, this Islamic state – so strategically powerful – is the equivalent of Germany prior to World War II. And, it intends not just to eradicate Jews, but Christians as well in furtherance of its Muslim war on all of us.

We are just days from the Iowa caucuses, and some of you may look to a new Republican president in 2012 to solve this and other major problems. Even were a great leader to emerge, which, given the spate of Republican “pygmie candidates,” as I call them, is not going to happen, we cannot wait until early 2013 to crush the mullahs in Iran. And frankly, no Republican candidate has advocated a massive strike to end the Islamic regime. The Republicans just talk a good game. Where have they been for the last three years, as the cancer grew to a tremendous size under the “mullah in chief,” Barack Hussein Obama?! Their efforts amounted to little more than political gamesmanship and are sickening!

Unless he is forced, the prospects of President Obama ordering this forceful action are not great. We thus need to put heat on our political and governmental interests by rising up and demanding this.

Obama and Hillary Clinton are traitors, and they are probably bribed to the hilt by Iran, but that does not relieve the rest of us from demanding action! We cannot allow for the rise of another Hitler-type regime at this time in world history. There are enough problems that confront us, and we must NOW take drastic measures to remove these vile and evil Islamic terrorists from the face of the earth, if for no other reason than to allow us to deal with other matters and get on with business.

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