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Time to support Sheriff Joe's posse

Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s posse, investigating Barack Obama’s qualifications to run for president by examining his pedigree and background, could be the game changer of the century.

If, as a result of the posse’s finding, Arizona cannot constitutionally qualify Obama as a presidential candidate, then other states may follow Arizona’s example. Obama would thus be delegitimized in those states. Furthermore, they could assert that every congressional bill or executive order signed by Barack Obama has no force of law within their state boundaries. That would include the federal taxing authority and a host of other mandates. Is there a better way to tame the federal leviathan and constitutionally reassert state sovereignty?

Obama is now seeking to raise the federal debt ceiling to $16.94 trillion by adding $1.2 trillion. When Obama assumed office, the gross public debt tipped $10.626 trillion. In just three years, Obama will have increased our national debt 54 percent by adding an astounding $5.77 trillion. To put this in perspective, it took 213 years (1788-2001) for America’s gross public debt to reach $5.8 trillion. Meanwhile, unfunded federal liabilities are well over $100 trillion. Our faux president seems hell-bent on turning America into a banana republic (with a police state underpinning).

Judged by the gnashing of teeth against Arapaio by Obama’s Justice Department, the sheriff’s posse could be hitting pay dirt. That’s why it’s critical to financially support Arapaio’s posse.

Joseph Farah says, “On the very face of it, Obama is not eligible to be president. Every action he has taken under the color of authority as president should be repealed, negated and voided.”

Right on, Joseph!

Bill Gresham