Mr. Farah,

You’ve done the eligibility-billboard campaign and the pink-slip campaign. I believe the time has come – no, let me re-phrase that – the time is overdue that a simple straightforward letter be sent to every member of Congress and the Senate stating the following:

Dear Sir/Madam,

For three years now we the citizens have watched as the greatest fraud in the history of our country has been taking place. The evidence now available against the individual residing in the White House is mountainous, and it all points to the fact he is not eligible to be where he is.

Yet, each of you who are supposed to be guiding and managing our country and its government have stood by and done nothing. Literally you have sat on your collective thumbs as if in fear, watching as this individual is tearing this once-great country down.

You each took and oath to support and defend the Constitution of our country. Well, it’s time, as the saying goes, to “man up” and do the job you were elected to do.


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