It strongly appears as though the status of this nation as a viable, ongoing concern will be generally decided over the next few years; more specifically, in the next year or so. Ideally, a positive outcome would involve a preponderance of Americans rallying to supplant the oligarchy that has insinuated itself into the corridors of power in Washington. Second best would at least involve an electoral victory over our current president next fall, and a dedicated gravitation away from the radical leftist policies that this administration has so vigorously advanced.

In any event, a beneficial resolution as outlined above will require Americans to do one of the most difficult things that could be asked of us at this stage of the game.

We will be required to think.

Now, don’t go putting your head in the oven just yet; remember that hope springs eternal. Every day, people who have become cognizant of our peril ask my colleagues and me what they can do to enlighten those around them. Take it for what it’s worth, but one device I’ve recommended – and which I am told has recently been used with success by some of my readers – is the good old Socratic method: asking questions to guide someone to a conclusion.

As more Americans realize that the “business as usual” scenario that’s been framed by politicos and the national media is window dressing, and that the US of A actually has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin, the obvious danger is that they can be quickly co-opted by America’s enemies. Liberals and radical Marxists always offer a quick fix, and will appeal to our baser nature and the mental indolence that’s been cultivated within us.

It may be too difficult to subject friends and neighbors to the idea that America has been designated by globalists to be an international teat, her resources used to “build up” the rest of the world at the expense of working Americans. While an honest economist would tell you that this will result in our having to live like the average citizen of North Korea, this truth is of no moment to the self-appointed captains of the human race. They are only going to tell us precisely what we want to hear, and then betray us, for the sake of their narcissistic vision. In some abstract, Star Trekkian future, they see themselves being hailed as we now hail the Founding Fathers.

Or something like that.

But back to Socrates. It won’t be long before most Americans discover that those who achieve preeminence in our government tend to transcend party politics, and for the worse. Meaning that, those who truly have America’s long-term best interests at heart are very, very seldom allowed to lead, and we are being batted back and forth like an exhausted mouse by two cats, one of which is only slightly less cruel than the other.

Do you want jobs worth having to be reasonably available, and a modicum of security in the job you have? Do you desire relative domestic tranquility? Does it bother you that we need a photo ID to get on a plane or cash a check, but not to vote?

These are among the sort of questions we might ask our neighbors, without leveling charges at anyone whomsoever. I am sure that most readers can come up with dozens more. While you aren’t going to convert anyone in the Occupy movement, your unaffiliated friends and acquaintances will be more likely to digest this than vast conspiracies. If they consider such issues, they will – with your kind indulgence – more readily come to the conclusion that those in the political class are little more than a cadre of smiling, low-rent pimps, intent upon continuing to whore us out, while fervently professing their love for us.

As a consolation, the Occupy types will probably wind up being shot as looters if things get really ugly. But I digress.

Radical Marxists remain the most vitriolic and immediately dangerous of our domestic threats, because there are many of them in positions of power right now. The idea that America – indeed, Western civilization itself – was built on nothing but greed and the bones of innocent indigenous people is uniquely communist dogma. This is what they believe, and intend to use as a rationale for wholesale, drastic and ruthless change.

Understanding is the key to thwarting our enemies, and truthful representations of America are of no use to American Marxists. They hope to come out on top in this struggle, even over the more moderate oligarchs. They are the ones who made God into the devil, and have exalted all things evil and perverted – but they would not have gained a foothold in this country had it not been for the liberals and faux conservatives, who look to their 24th century legacy.

Thus, they are all enemies of the people.

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