Used with permission from Charisma magazine, January 2012. Copyright Charisma Media, USA.

Jonathan Cahn

As he looked across the waters of the Hudson River from the Statue of Liberty,
the twin towers of the World Trade center spiking the New York City skyline,
Jonathan Cahn had a deep sense of foreboding.

The Messianic rabbi had joined with other prayer and prophetic leaders
at the nation’s symbolic gate – Lady Liberty greeting the many immigrants
arriving at nearby Ellis Island, where they would take their first steps in their
new land – to seek God. They had gathered with a shared burden to pray for
the city and a sense of concern about a possible terrorist attack on the United States.
Two years later, the suicide flights that stunned the world would touch Cahn’s, too. His
future wife, Renata, was to have been at the World Trade Center for an appointment but
changed her plans at the last minute, as did other members of his congregation who worked there. Two who were in the Twin Towers were among those who escaped before the collapse.

But in addition to feeling personal relief, Cahn was pitched into a journey of discovery. It would take him to ground zero, historical sites and research libraries, collecting hundreds of pages of notes in a mission to uncover the deeper story behind the shocking news footage.

From disparate fragments of present-day events, key moments in America’s past and
somewhat obscure biblical passages, he has pieced together a jaw-dropping jigsaw puzzle that presents a disturbing picture of a nation on the brink.


Cahn shares what he has uncovered in his new book, “The Harbinger,” revealing that
the 2001 terrorist attacks, the war on terror, the economic collapse, the actions of the U.S. government and even the words of its leaders all are part of a modern-day
replaying of an ancient drama. Laying out current happenings over an Old Testament
template, Cahn presents an uncanny match.

The message: Israel’s fall to judgment for failing to return to God, as described in
Isaiah 9, is being reenacted step by step in the U.S. today with the appearance of nine
prophetic harbingers, or warning signs, from ancient times manifesting to America.
The Assyrian invasion, Israel’s ruin and ultimate exile are remarkably being mirrored
in a sequence of events that started unfolding on 9/11.

Read “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future” for yourself!

Cahn reveals how Scriptures recording Israel’s defiance of God have actually been
quoted by America’s leaders in the wake of the terrorist attacks and that contemporary
events have often unfolded on dates with specific significance in the Jewish calendar.
He traces the ways in which occurrences at ground zero have inexplicable links to Bible
texts and connects the dots of the economic collapse to God’s progressive judgment.

“We are at a crossroads,” says Messianic movement leader and broadcaster Sid Roth
simply of Cahn’s book. “Either the church will act like the church in the New Testament
or it will collapse and the U.S. will become a Third World country and we will
not fulfill our destiny.”

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