Sometimes one bit of folk-wisdom is simply inadequate to address the circumstances. So for America’s upcoming election year, I’ve stitched together two.

I think we have to recognize that for America’s self-anointed, inbred elites (isn’t inbreeding the major function of “elite” colleges today?), the economic system in place: capitalist, socialist or communist, really doesn’t matter. Ordinary people worry about the economic system – because they understand capitalism offers them the best hope of someday “making it.”

What matters to the elites, however, are connections and graft. In fact, politburo members in the old Soviet Union did quite well for themselves under communism. Granted, they didn’t “own” their vacation homes, they just had the use of them whenever they wished (while the great unwashed proletariat paid to maintain them).

I doubt that crony politburo members could ever have imagined the wealth and opportunities being stolen from today’s Americans. They would probably have regarded such greed as obscene. America’s capital city is a cesspool of lobbyists seeking to limit competition so they can push up prices. And funds donated to re-election campaigns are nothing more than institutionalized payola – and nontaxable, at that!

The Constitution is now long-forgotten in the city on the Potomac cesspool. After all, the self-anointed elites have elected an illegal alien as president. His father was British, and his mother not old enough to convey citizenship at the time of his birth, according to the law in force at the time. The government demands to see our papers – but won’t provide his. And the courts have made the Constitution unenforceable. What matters to them is the case law they’ve invented.

Because the elites are afraid of the next wave of the economic collapse their greed and cronyism has set in motion, they are conducting massive intelligence-gathering against American citizens, and have passed legislation that allows the illegal alien president to lock up any citizen his masters determine is somehow “linked” to terrorism. No charges, no legal representation and no courts. Oh, that was in the military appropriations bill.

But it wasn’t enough. Dissent itself has to be eliminated. The inbred elites want others to speak well of them. So in the name of stopping piracy of Hollywood’s alleged intellectual product, the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, bill will require delisting any website that displeases Hollywood and their leftist friends. Delisting means that poof – it’s gone from Google and other search engines. Delisting is based on – a complaint. How convenient just before the presidential election! And how convenient for the mainlining media, who have been dispensing soma to the nation for several generations now, but in recent years suffering under the backflow. Finally, we’ve eliminated the blogosphere and can force people to buy our product and read our view of the world!

The TSA, which has never stopped a single terrorist, is now spreading its tentacles to bus stations and other public transport. Yes, the downtown bus is free, and so is the strip-search, ma’am. The only two terrorists caught since 9/11 were subdued by angry passengers on board the airplane (“Smoke Screening“). Yet the TSA gets billions, annually, to violate the Constitution. Why? Because it is a private police force answerable to the inbred elites.

No declaration of war. No Fourth Amendment. And thanks to the mainline media presstitutes – no functioning First Amendment. But then, why would the presstitutes expose what they have been busy implementing?

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service and a wide variety of leftist cultural police are feeding regularly off the taxpayer via huge “attorney’s fees” awards given to friendly litigators by sympathetic judges. These groups use the money to further government’s flood of regulations that have all but eliminated the concept of private property.

Private foundations use their gigantic endowments to demand that taxpayers spend more and more on those who produce less and less, in the name of compassion. The foundations, however, contribute nothing from their endowments to fix the social decline brought about by the polices they’ve advocated.

Government unions “negotiate” with bureaucrats and legislators who will never have to pay a single penny of their expansive giveaways. But oh, those same officials do get the re-election payola deposited to their bank accounts.

This short American Thinker review of “Throw them all out,” by Peter Schweizer, spells out the level of payola in disgusting detail.

Funny, though, the East Coast presstitutes seem singularly uninterested. I wonder why.

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