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Be it resolved …

It’s time, once again, for New Year’s resolutions.
I think it’s a great idea.
Every year at this time, I like to think about goals and objectives for the year ahead. It’s a very healthy activity.

Because without goals, we just don’t achieve our objectives.

If we don’t know where we’re going, how can we expect to get there?

I recommend the practice. Give it some thought. Take it seriously. Reflect often on the resolutions you choose.

And if you are contemplating making some New Year’s resolutions, let me give you some advice.

Start by trying to remember what you resolved last year.

Most people make the mistake of not writing down their resolutions.

I not only write them down, I publish them publicly – right here. That way I have peer pressure working in my favor. I hear about my resolutions all year long from readers. Try it on your own blog or personal webpage. Then refer back occasionally to your goals and objectives for the year so you take them seriously.

It’s especially important to look back at what you vowed to do last year as a matter of accountability.

If you’re not going to measure your progress and hold yourself accountable, you might as well not even bother with New Year’s resolutions.

Before I get to my 2012 resolutions, here are some of my resolutions from previous years:

What else am I resolving for 2012?

Yes, I want to exercise more and eat better. Sure I should stop smoking those cigars. But I’m focused like a laser beam on two promises:

I hope you will be praying with me this new year.