1. Free-speech group resisting calls by Joe Lieberman and others for it to start losing its followers
5. Bumbling idiot who happens to get in another idiot’s way
8. Showy daisy or chrysanthemum
9. Harnesser of wind that is often exploded or destroyed by, um, wind
10. Executive-branch officer currently in the midst of an investigation: 2 wds.
11. Biblical festival attended by Jesus (whilst pagans fool with Yule)
12. Where lamas and yogis hide out for seclusion and discovery by Western millionaires
15. Group that 10-Across “summoned” to perform the investigation: 3 wds.
18. Only type of job that Obama can guarantee increased incomes for, even if already overpaid
19. High-margin merchandise knocked off by Chinese forgers and sold on street corners to ticked-off patrons?
20. Flightless birds
21. Legume allegedly conscripted to increase estrogens in males and emasculate the masses
1. City where St. Paul famously pulled an all-nighter connected with Sabbath (i.e., not on Sunday night?)
2. Leafy green, easily blamed as tainted and forcibly recalled because so widely used
3. Documentary subject of investigation by 10-Across, for short: 3 wds.
4. Approve another’s actions, as the Senate has lately done with whatever warmed-over nonsense the U.N. cooks up
5. Group that “ambushed” 10-Across to investigate, for short: 2 wds.
6. Third-largest Israeli city, on the slopes of Mt. Carmel
7. Like many of the bare Kenyan shanty homes of Obama’s relatives: hyph.
11. Tolerable name for an angel, bad name for a baby
13. Engage in an annual ritual around the time of the winter solstice
14. Book in which the cruciverbalist can find a perennial source of acrostics
16. Cellular unit of a typical oath-based secret society
17. Meaningless name that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil trustees paid Dmitri and Iris Borgmann $10,000 to invent

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him