(WASHINGTON TIMES) — Minnesota’s Democrats would love to knock her off, but Rep. Michele Bachmann looks likely to win a fourth term in her redrawn district. But her failed presidential bid may have clouded the tea party favorite’s hopes of moving up to higher office in the future.

After her presidential run briefly soared and then flamed out, Mrs. Bachmann confirmed last week she would run again for the House, where she has emerged as one of the Hill’s most visible conservatives and a founder of the Tea Party Caucus.

“In politics, there are some losses that make you stronger and others that hurt you fundamentally,” observes Wayne Garcia, a political consultant and journalism professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

“I think this presidential bid, and the resulting parody of herself that she has become thanks to folks like ‘Saturday Night Live,’ means that Michele Bachmann will not be a serious public officeholder, but will be a serious voice in public affairs, much like Sarah Palin.”

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