Obama made an appearance at Disney World the other day, a fitting place for him and the fantasy world he lives in. I don’t have a problem with fantasy – I enjoyed the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, but the world of fantasy Obama dreams of is a dark place. That said, I think Tolkien voiced it best when he wrote: “Let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has seen the darkness fall.”

I was reminded just how dark Obama’s fantasy world is when a friend forwarded me an article about companies being fined for not using biofuels. Writing for the New York Times, Matthew Wald, wrote that U.S. companies that supply motor fuel will pay approximately “$6.8 million in penalties to the Treasury because they failed to mix a special type of biofuel into their gasoline and diesel as required by law. But there was none to be had … the ingredient, cellulosic biofuel, does not exist.” (“A Fine for Not Using a Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist,” Jan. 9, 2012)

And it doesn’t stop there. As Wald points out, “In 2012, the oil companies expect to pay even higher penalties for failing to blend in the fuel, which is made from wood chips or the inedible parts of plants like corncobs.”

This is more sinister than just being an advocate for biofuels and green technology – it is Obama using the position of president to shape America into a world based on theorization from socialist classrooms, a world in which government reigns supreme and people and industry exist to serve government by providing for the needs of same.

Obama is a spiteful, venomous being who uses bullying tactics and economic violence to accomplish his agenda. So committed is he to forcing America into subscribing to his green biofuel fantasy world, that he was willing to deny the building of the Keystone pipeline. Not only would the pipeline have created jobs – it would have increased tax revenues, and it would have increased dollars being spent in the communities. Even more importantly, the pipeline would have helped lower fuel prices.

One can argue that by keeping fuel prices artificially inflated, Obama can keep people dependent upon government for their subsistence. And they would be right, but it goes deeper than just to those communist proclivities alone. It goes to the core of his being. He doesn’t have a dream for America – he has a thirst for control/power that has been witnessed in the form of Chavez, Castro, Mao and Lenin. That said, I find it interesting that the mainstream media and others who applauded Obama’s aria of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” were applauding Obama for performing an act that mirrored Hugo Chavez singing in front of the United Nations – right before he ordered the people of Venezuela to stop singing in their showers as a means to save water and cut electricity use – but I digress.

Obama’s intention has never been to govern America – his intention has always been to rule over the fundamental changing of America. That said, the question that begs answering is not what he wants to change the country into, rather, it’s why is the so-called Republican leadership, so craven and feckless, allowing him to get away with it?

How is the best interest of the people, of states directly affected by Obama’s refusal to allow the pipeline to be built, being served? How is the best interest of people who depend on the companies being fined for not using a nonexistent fuel being served? How is the best interest of the American people served when billions of dollars are given to failing companies, like Solyndra, and/or to companies that fail immediately after receiving tax dollars?

Are our representatives to serve us or serve themselves to boundless benefits, based on their passing legislation that enables them to take advantage of their position? Are they elected to stand up for us, as our nation’s prosperity collapses, or stand for those who hand them the means to become millionaires at our expense?

Those in Congress should be replaced right after being indicted for abrogation of their fiduciary responsibility to represent the best interest of the people in the states they are from. They are complicit in what Obama has done and is doing. Pursuant to Obama, I believe there exists ample cause to, at the very least, make every possible effort to impeach and indict him for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Obama was elected to serve, lead and represent the United States and the people of same, not change America into something antithetical to the Constitution. He was not elected to amuse himself at our expense, with the 25-cent version of Hugo Chavez, and have his wife play the role of an Imelda Marcos wannabe.

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