(ONLINE.WSJ) — LOS ANGELES—What does every aspiring dragon mother want? A dragon baby.

Monday begins the year of the dragon, considered the luckiest of the Chinese lunar years. Some Chinese and Chinese-Americans are so committed to welcoming a child this year that they are getting fertility treatments to boost their chances.

Evie Jeang, a 34-year-old Los Angeles lawyer, and her husband, Vincent Chen, 40, are one such couple. Ms. Jeang doesn’t have known fertility issues but froze her eggs two years ago as “insurance” since she wasn’t ready to have a child yet. The couple is now trying in-vitro fertilization to try to ensure they have a dragon baby.

If she isn’t pregnant by March—or maybe April, says Ms. Jeang—then “it isn’t meant to be.” They will stop treatment and try again in a few years.

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