1. Engaging in a collectivist refusal to honor covenants, in order to impose the organizers’ will upon others willy-nilly: 2 wds.
9. Catwalk sights, for those who judge others by sight alone: hyph.
11. He said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”: 2 wds.
12. Periods of time particularly apt for teaching men and women self-control: rare
13. Opposite of exp., in the subway system: abbr.
14. Religious or legal lead-in that supposedly relates to right and wrong: prefix
15. Michael Jackson Top 10 hit from “Thriller”: abbr.
16. Like the slippery consolidators of federal power in Thomas Jefferson’s description
17. Family name of 2004 murder victim Theo (producer of Islam critique “Submission”)
18. Logistics giant that laid off thousands in Wilmington, Ohio: abbr.
19. Laissez-___ (free-market capitalists)
21. Gp. that promoted Bob Hope’s volunteerism for 50 years: abbr.
22. Prophets bearing the tidings of curses upon the nations that know not the Lord
23. After reimagining, Lisa Whelchel or Britney Spears
25. Get out of step with the pack and start spinning the wrong story
26. Steve Jobs biographer Kahney, and others similarly classically named
1. Exert final say-so about others’ activities or choices: 3 wds.
2. Stripped to the bone for those on Obama-era budgets: hyph.
3. Displaying the smart, trim appearance of polished leather
4. Modern Latin lover’s expression: 2 wds., It.
5. Roles for John Kricfalusi and for Kevin Bacon
6. Expression of offensive distaste
7. Fatigues, sometimes: 2 wds.
8. Norwegian explorer credited with discovering the large island now called “Kalaallit Nunaat”: 3 wds., var.
9. Performed one of a battery of environmental analyses upon potential wetlands: 2 wds.
10. Former vehicle for WND commentator Victoria Jackson: abbr.
11. Liberal rival to Joseph Farah’s Sacramento Union
15. Motown’s Anita, Bonnie, Issa, June, or Ruth
17. Either of two contributions to personhood
19. Like a birth certificate altered for national-security government-continuity concerns
20. One of twelve government units that redefined themselves as “CIS members”: abbr.
21. Hesitant Mideast city such as Qais, Qasr, or al-Quwain?: Arabic
22. 2009 Golden Globe winner Laura (“Recount”)
24. Place where Victorians can enjoy healthy relaxation, or where moderns can display unhealthy immaturity

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