1. Three-card monte or shell game, essentially
5. Where General MacArthur returned in 1944
8. Relating to certain balled-up nerves
9. Satirizer of the Scopes “monkey” trial
10. One who “won” on 1/22/73 (and lost later): 2 wds.
11. The glands that determine the genders
12. Eighty-sixes
15. One who objected on 1/22/73 (generically): 2 wds.
18. Made into a new territory by fiat
19. Win all the straw polls, like Ron Paul
20. Exhaust emotionally, in simile
21. Caribbean mammal that may have also contributed to covering Moses’ tabernacle
1. Queen Elizabeth II, for nearly sixty years
2. One who remembers 5-Across, e.g.
3. One who led on 1/22/73 (incidentally): 3 wds., abbr.
4. Floating volcanic rock created in droves at Krakatoa
5. One who died on 1/22/73 (coincidentally): 2 wds.
6. Comedian Smirnoff (“What a Country”)
7. Existentialists and Left-Bankers bored with life
11. Frances Gumm’s adopted name
13. Satirical author of “I Am America (And So Can You!)”
14. Motivated readership (as of WND’s puzzle column, perhaps)
16. “Graphic novels”, on Honshu: Jap.
17. Stand of trees

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him