1. Totally filled, as a taxi or an arena
5. He had nobody to teach him how to play the victim
9. He thought of himself as living in a cave
10. Bree and Fledge, in the Chronicles of Narnia
11. Capital of Calvinism and cuckoo clocks
12. Silent disapproval
14. Reassembles one’s camera, pointedly?: 3 wds., abbr.
17. Bronco who takes John 3:16 to the masses
19. Conclude one’s time apart
22. General prohibition, such as by the mainstream media
23. First name of a senator ineligible for the presidency
24. Spin completely out of proportion
25. Joints threatened by mobsters
1. Reality TV pioneer that became Fox’s longest-running show ever
2. Where you just don’t get any higher
3. Garlic bulb, so called because it is split
4. Wrestling fan’s noisemaker, pointedly?: 2 wds.
6. Call from a churchgoing blue-haired lady, perhaps
7. Man’s estate apart from Christ, theologically
8. One of four drumrolls played before “Hail to the Chief” (when President Biden approaches, presumably)
13. Arizona Independent reporter Heather, who broke the Obama Sr. immigration files
15. Three that were lost on Sept. 11
16. Country independent from Ethiopia as of 1993
18. Read it!
20. Rapster Foxx
21. Chinese idol, or incense stick burned thereto

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him