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Expert: Obama comparing apples, oranges

The senior editor for Americans for Limited Government says Barack Obama is comparing apples to oranges when he talks about the number of jobs being created and the status of the economy.

The interview:

In an interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America for WND, Senior Editor Robert Romano says he’s concluded that not only is Obama’s total wrong, it’s misleading.

He explains that one part of a Bureau of Labor and Statistics report says the private sector created three million jobs over a time period. But in looking at the report’s broader results, that probably was only 2.1 million jobs over the 22 months that Obama cites.

“That sounds nice, only 96,000 jobs per month does not even keep with the growth of the population,” he said. “And his policies haven’t even begun to eat into those 8 million jobs lost.”

He said the nation’s employment scenario is that “Obama is taking credit for something he should be condemned for.”

He estimates the actual unemployment at 11 percent and the underemployed at another 16 or 17 percent.

“There are 27 million people in all who cannot find fulltime work,” he said.

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