Dear Joseph:

I very much appreciate all the work you are doing to preserve the Constitution and freedom in America. I am hoping and praying that the current administration will soon be replaced by the upcoming election process.

I am concerned that Congress approved north of another trillion for Obama to work his so called magic to obtain phony jobs for the unemployed on bridges-to-nowhere type of projects to falsely lower the unemployment rate and get re-elected.

Our only hope may very well be what you and Sheriff Arpaio are doing to prove Obama ineligible. That being said, I am hoping you will give it your all on “Hannity” this week to expose this fraud being perpetrated on the public. I hope you can and will address the fact Obama was never vetted and present where the investigations and courts are on the eligibility issue.

I contributed to Sheriff Joe and hope he will be able to expose this usurper in February.

Thank you for all your great work.


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