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Gingrich ad blasts Romney on 'choice'

A new ad from a political action committee backing Newt Gingrich has been released to undermine  support from pro-life conservatives for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The Winning our Future PAC ad says Romney’s record as governor is familiar: “He was in favor of strict gun control (he says he no longer is). He was in favor of gay marriage (he says he no longer is).”

It continues, “But what about his position on Roe v Wade? Maybe most important, where does he, did he, will he, stand on government intrusion into life-altering decisions YOU should be able to make for yourself and your children?”

The ad has a link to a video in which Romney says he will do nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Winning our Future PAC did not respond to WND’s calls for an interview.

WND recently reported on Romney’s position change on abortion in 2005.

During the 2008 election, media focused attention on the series of flip-flops by Romney on abortion going back a decade. By the time Romney started to plan his 2008 presidential candidacy, he was claiming to be a strong pro-life advocate as a result of an “epiphany” he had while meeting with stem cell researcher Dr. Douglas Melton.

Political analyst, author and radio talk show host Gregg Jackson says that former House Speaker Gingrich isn’t the perfect candidate, but on the moral issues, he’s on the right track.

“On the eight (social) issues, he gets it right, I believe. He signed the Personhood Pledge. He also issued his own marriage pledge that was stronger than the Iowa Family Policy Pledge,” Jackson said.

“Most importantly he has laid out and articulated a clear strategy for reining in the judiciary and reestablishing the separation of powers and the rule of law,” Jackson said. “Nobody else can even come close to him.”

Romney said in the recent New Hampshire Republican debate that he opposes homosexual marriage, but Jackson doubts Romney’s sincerity based on his statement in the same debate that he supports special rights for homosexuals.

“He’s against all discrimination based on sexual orientation. So he’s already told us how he, if elected president, would, and fully intends, to govern,” said Jackson. “That is to advance the homosexual agenda as he did in Massachusetts. I think we should take him at his word.”

Romney made the same statements during the Dec. 15, Fox News Iowa candidate debate.

During the debate, Romney said he has “always opposed discriminating against people based upon their sexual orientation.”

Romney affirmed his support for homosexual rights in his appearance before the Des Moines Register editorial board.

He told a reporter his reluctance to repeal the policy banning open homosexuality in the military was because of the current wars.

“I was not comfortable with making the change during a period of conflict, by virtue of the complicating features of a new program in the middle of two wars going on. But those wars are winding down. And moving to that direction at this stage no longer presents that problem,” Romney said.

However, Jackson, who is the author of “We Won’t Be Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong, and How to Make America Right Again,” said the problem goes deeper. He contends establishment Republicans are no longer pretending to care about social conservatives.

“Now, guys like Romney, McCain, and all these other establishment RINO (Republican in Name Only) hacks, they’re not even pretending any more,” Jackson said.

“They’re taking off their sheep’s mask. They’re saying this is my wolf’s mask and coming on to devour the sheep. Now they’re out of the closet. Romney’s saying, ‘I don’t need to sign pledges; I don’t need to pander to the pro-family organizations as I attempted to do in 2008 and buy them off,'” Jackson said.

Two documents have recently resurfaced that indicate Romney may still have strong allegiances with the homosexual lobby.

One of the documents is Romney’s proclamation of May 15, 2004, as Gay-Straight Youth Pride Day.

Another is the cover story from the August 31, 1994, edition of Bay Windows, Massachusetts’ homosexual newspaper. The headline reads, “Romney: I’ll be better than Ted for Gay Rights.”

Political analysts and social conservatives say the social fallout from having Romney in the White House will be significant. Jackson said their concerns are well-founded, because of his actions while serving as Massachusetts governor.

“We already know how Mitt Romney would govern as president based on his record as governor of Massachusetts,” Jackson said.

Jackson charged that the implementation of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts was payback for the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual group in the party.

“He falsely claimed that the court ordered him to do so,” Jackson said.

Jackson also pointed to Romney’s bans on homosexual scout masters and his support of the Employer Non-Discrimination Act, which he said, would “force religious organizations to hire sexual deviants.”

“This is whether they be transgendered, homosexual, bisexual, pedophiles, whatever their sexual orientation is, they have to be hired by your organization or be fined. These organizations would be fined,” Jackson said.

Romney went on record in 2007 saying that he supported Rep. Barney Frank’s employment non-discrimination bill.

Jackson added that Romney’s actions as governor put Catholic Charities’ adoption services out of business.

“We already know that Mitt Romney forced Catholic Charities to stop providing adoption services by not exempting them from having to place children with homosexual couples even though it wasn’t required by law,” Jackson said.

“So we know, given what Romney has already done as governor what he will do as president,” Jackson said.