If you have been following my commentaries lately, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with a simple idea for saving the country by cutting off the federal government’s ability to borrow.

I admit it. I am obsessed with returning America to constitutionally limited government.

I’m sick and tired of Republicans enabling Democrats to have their way with us, the Constitution and the heritage of liberty our founders bequeathed to their posterity.

There is simply no other interpretation of what happened last summer when Republican leadership in the House of Representatives pushed the Republican membership to approve virtually unlimited spending by Barack Obama for the rest of his term – including commitments the previous Democrat-controlled House earmarked for Obamacare.

Sadly, even most Republican voters and tea-party activists are unaware of how they were betrayed by those they empowered in the 2010 midterm election.

The Republican-controlled House had all the cards it needed to stop the borrowing madness that is bankrupting America, to shut down Obamacare cold, to force the government to start living within its means immediately, to deliver a balanced budget this year and to ensure that useless, corrupt and unconstitutional bureaucracies in Washington would finally be forced to shut down for good. Instead, the codependent Republican leadership in the House, with the approval of their Federal Reserve masters and Wall Street sharks, decided to continue business as usual and give Obama all the money he needed to see him through his first term.

I realize no one else has explained to you what the debt-limit hike agreement last summer really meant. But that is it. It’s no more complicated than that.

I believe we have one more shot to save America – and it has very little to do with who is elected president this year. Much more important is the character and courage of the Republicans who are likely to maintain control of the House in 2013. Much more important is an awakening among grass-roots Republicans and tea-party activists about the nature of politics in Washington. Much more important is the pressure placed upon Republicans in 2012 and 2013 to start reflecting their stated beliefs and convictions with actions and votes that matter. Much more important is that Republicans be given one more chance to show they are ready, willing and able to play hardball politics and do the right thing in January 2013.

And the right thing to do in January 2013 is to use their power to freeze borrowing by the federal government.

There is no other way.

There will be no votes more important than that one. With one negative vote Republicans will likely have an opportunity to shut down Planned Parenthood funding, to shut down Obamacare, to shut down the bloated bureaucracy of Homeland Security, to shut down the Education Department, to shut down the Commerce Department, to shut down the Energy Department and more.

I don’t expect this to happen, however, unless Republicans and tea-party activists focus on this issue like a laser beam and demand pledges to that effect by current officeholders and candidates seeking office.

That’s where my “No More Red Ink Pledge” comes in. It’s a simple vow: “I pledge to my constituents and to the American people that I will oppose any and all efforts to allow the federal government to borrow additional money by raising the debt limit, thereby forcing Washington to begin living within its means as taxpayers and their families must do.”

I need your help in making this the No. 1 issue of the 2012 election. We need to get everyone on record now – from the Republican presidential candidates to Senate candidates and, especially, Republican House members and those seeking election to the House in November. Not only are you free to use these words and solicit signatures, I encourage it. Send them to me. I will collect them and let the entire nation know who is part of the solution and who is part of the problem.

I also need you to renew our “No More Red Ink” lobbying effort with members of the current House – most of whom will be returning next year. Only 22 of them voted correctly last year. We need 218 votes a year from today.

Can we do it?

I don’t think we can afford not to do it.

I don’t think America will survive if we fail.

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