What do you suppose would happen if a dynamic, young, self-styled “new journalist” employing creative ambush video techniques a la “60 Minutes” and operating on a shoestring budget exposed the fact that it is easy to commit voter fraud by using the names of deceased people like Democrats did in Cook County, Ill., way back in 1960?

You might think that such an operative would be given awards, extolled in the media as a hero and offered lucrative positions in journalism.

You might also think the public would be clamoring for reforms, prompting lawmakers to address the critical election issues exposed.

That’s what I would think.

But that’s not what happened when this exact scenario played out following the Republican primary vote in New Hampshire recently.

James O’Keefe, the mastermind of the ACORN sting that exposed breathtaking corruption, illegal activity and a sub-human form of morality a couple years ago, did just that when he showed more recently the problems with voter identification at the polls in New Hampshire.

How was he thanked?

Daily Kos, a disgusting left-wing website connected with George Soros, is now circulating a petition calling for an official law enforcement investigation of O’Keefe for practicing voter fraud as part of his whistleblower investigation.

Here are the claims of Daily Kos: “His goal was to prove that strict voter ID laws are necessary. However, what he and his associates did was illegal: Hamline University law professor David Schultz told TPM that there’s ‘no doubt’ that O’Keefe’s investigators violated the law. ‘In either case, if they were intentionally going in and trying to fraudulently obtain a ballot, they violated the law,’ Schultz said. ‘So right off the bat, what they did violated the law.'”

So there you have it. A law professor says he violated the law – throw the book at him! That’s the way it works in this country, isn’t it? Don’t law professors always determine who the criminals are?

Here’s the Daily Kos’ conclusion: “James O’Keefe has made a living using lies to ruin the lives of others. Now he should be investigated for a repulsive, open-and-shut case of voter fraud.”

What warped and twisted minds are at work!

Journalists have been doing this kind of work for years and getting accolades for it. We don’t kill the messenger in the U.S.

In September 2002, ABC News smuggled a 15-pound cylinder of depleted uranium metal into the U.S. to prove its theory about lax detection at our ports and borders. The network televised the story on the first anniversary of the September 2001 terrorist attacks. In September 2003, the network did it again. It smuggled the same uranium cylinder into the country and aired another story on Sept. 11, 2003.

The network was universally praised for a great public service even though it had, technically, broken the law.

I don’t recall anyone, including left-wing or right-wing ideologues, gathering petitions to have ABC News prosecuted.

But that’s just what the despicable characters with their twisted minds and warped moral code at Daily Kos are doing to O’Keefe. In fact, they are planning to deliver the petition to New Hampshire’s attorney general in the next week. Let’s hope cooler and more rational heads prevail at that agency.

We need more citizen-activists like O’Keefe.

We shouldn’t be prosecuting them. We should be celebrating them – venerating them. We should be encouraging more young people like O’Keefe to be bold – to expose corruption and failing standards that threaten to render our elections meaningless through fraud.

O’Keefe is a hero.

The pukes at Daily Kos are villains.

Can I state it any more plainly than that?

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