(PALM BEACH POST) — It was a Wednesday morning like any other at the Williams house. Dad Gary and mom Sheila were up before dawn, working out to Tony Horton’s punishing P90X DVD, a six-days-a-week ritual in their West Palm Beach home.

Suddenly, five minutes into the warmup, Gary began losing consciousness, gasping for air, stumbling backward. Sheila caught her 55-year-old husband in her arms as he went into full cardiac arrest.

She immediately called to her two oldest sons – Caleb, 15, and Ben, 13 – to start CPR.

The brothers raced from their bedrooms, and as Sheila dialed 911, they performed chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on their father. “We knew what had to be done,” says Caleb. “It clicked right away.”

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