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How fast does dictatorship grow?

Faster than the 2010 election could stop.

Faster than the new Congress could act.

Faster than the Supreme Court can reign in.

Faster than Barney Frank can make an honest man of Jim Ready.

While “We the People” falter, distracted by endless crises and frustrated by endless hard times, that’s how fast Barack Obama has assembled a payback presidency, a dictatorship contemptuous of the Constitution and the Congress.

I tremble as I write, for His Excellency (HETPOTUS)is not to be trifled with.

The governor must show proper respect when greeting him on the tarmac as Air Force One swoops in to grace the Arizona backwardness with a whirlwind visit.

Reporters must not notice the 22 vehicle imperial motorcade of gas guzzlers leaving the Nevada UPS facility where HETPOTUS lectured the employees on the need to please Mother Gaia by converting their diesel-fueled trucks to natural gas. A company that does this conversion work, largely owned by George Soros, is also pleased.

With His Excellency’s every public appearance as scripted as a Kim Jong Il rally, American citizens must burst into applause at his every utterance, his every inspired gesture, lest His Wisdom fail to feel the love he is due from his subjects. Any adoration malfunction will make the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) very unhappy.

No one of the West Wing acolytes must ever reveal to HETPOTUS that 27 percent of his adoring TV audience changed channels in the first five minutes of the glorious State of The Obama Union speech. Next year, the SOTOU will be found on all the channels.

Had the channel changers heard His Wisdom’s entire speech, they would have become enlightened to the fact that the American free economy is a threat to “fairness.” In the name of “fairness,” rich people must pay higher taxes to support half the population that pays no taxes.

The American free press, a bulwark of liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment, now ranks 47th in the world on a scale of freedom as it is recast in the Venezuelan model as the “Re-elect Barack Obama media.”

Just in time, too. The fact of manmade climate change is incontrovertible; the inevitable re-election (for life, dare I suggest?) of Obama is likewise incontrovertible. Dissent is no longer patriotic, as Hillary Clinton once screeched during the evil Bush times. Dissent is no longer necessary. HETPOTUS is always right, just ask the New York Times editorial staff any day of the week.

In fact, dissent is now evil. The Internet is the last holdout for free expression. Iran, Syria and China lead the parade of enlightened countries where the government can control Internet access, content and particularly the social media.

To counter the threat of Internet freedom, His Wisdom stooped to ask Congress for its thoughts on the threat of free access to Hollywood movies on the Internet. Not noticeably a champion of private property, the HETPOTUS is a tiger when the threat is to the private property of his bundlers in Hollywood.

Congress responded by considering the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, which not only solved the Hollywood problem but, in a burst of preemptive common sense, gave His Wisdom the right to shut down any part of the Internet he didn’t like.

To the dismay of Maureen Dowd and all other right-thinking Americans, the remnant opposition Republicans in the Congress, and even some Democrats who should have known better, stymied this needed reform.

Once again, the HETPOTUS responded: “We can’t wait.” Ignoring Congress, the next day the FBI closed down Megaupload, a website that allegedly offered free copyrighted entertainment, and arrested its European owner at his home in New Zealand, claiming jurisdiction under a treaty called ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

ACTA has not been approved by the Senate and is not the law of the land, but these trifles are not impediments to HETPOTUS taking action. Where is the outcry against this lawlessness? Curiously, there have been no demonstrations in the streets, no howl from the left, no lawsuits from the ACLU. We are paralyzed while, one by one, the freedoms guaranteed by the old Constitution evaporate before our eyes.

The “War on Terror” and NASA, among other relics of the evil days which proceeded our glorious HETPOTUS, have been recast as aid and outreach to Dar al-Islam. The faithful lap dog media have followed the Obama line. The Arab Spring is Obama’s child.

Yonathan Melaku, firing his Glock at fellow motorists in Washington, D.C., while yelling “Allahu Akbar” is detained. Police find “jihadist messages” in a notebook in his backpack. The Washington Post reports the story with a headline that reads: “Motive of shooter … is unclear.” Really?

As I write, I wonder: How long will I be free to make fun of the growing dictatorship of Barack Obama? For growing it is. And tyrants are not known for their sense of humor.